Top 10 – Burn draft picks

No Inagural Draft.

Top Ten Draft Picks  (No Inagural Draft)
1Matt Jordan1st round picks are supposed to be good, but beat out a former MLS goalkeeper of the year, and now 4th on US depth chart.
2Antonio Martinez2nd round pick has earned starting position in the first 11.  Best 2nd round pick Burn have ever made.
3Joselito VacaRanked purely on potential.  World Soccer ranks in the top 100 young players in the world.
4Lazo AlavanjaBig upside, pushed aside Ted Eck, closing on Chad Deering.
5Aleksey KorolForward with big upside may be caring the load in 2 years.
6Edward JohnsonP-40 with vast upside, U-17 stud.
7Paul BroomeUtility outside mid/forward.  Fastest Burn player.
8Darren WarehamA-League best 11 defender, 2nd round, big mistake allowing him to leave.
9Brandon PollardBurn starting left back, until 1999 injury.
10Adam ZapalaBest 4th round pick in Burn history.  If Jordan bolts, Zapala will be starting in 2002.

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