The Original MLS Power Rankings for March 7, 2023

As with all seasons, the early games tell us some things, but there is still a Fog of War to wade through as teams adjust to which players play the way they expect and which ones don’t. Which teams come together as a group more than others, and the like.

So there definitely are going to be a lot of variabilities early on, especially as competitive as this season appears to be. And that includes some ties that finally showed up this week. But for now, based on play over the first two weeks, this is what we have.

Top Tier

1. Los Angeles FC (Previously 2)

Finally, they get to play, and they show us their quality, 3-2 v Portland. It’s only one game but there is a track record.

Giorgio Chiellini celebrates scoring in MLS. (Courtesy LAFC)
Giorgio Chiellini celebrates scoring in MLS. (Courtesy LAFC)

Quality-Really Good

2. Inter Miami (6)

Hello there. Miami is for real. Very real. An impressive 2-0 win over the Union says a lot.

3. Philadelphia Union (1)

Were they overconfident after their first game or is Miami that much better than they are? Time will tell, and it was on the road, but that was a surprising result.

4. Nashville SC (3)

Got a tie on the road against the Red Bulls. It’ll do.

5. FC Cincinnati (4)

A road tie against the Lions is a very solid result.

6. Orlando SC (5)

Couldn’t find a winner over a good Cincinnati team.


7. Minnesota United (7)

They didn’t have a match on the schedule, not enough reason to move them up or down.

8. New England Revolution (16)

It’s early, it’s a win over Houston, so maybe don’t peg them here permanently but it’s a good win.

9. Seattle Sounders (13)

We need to know more about Seattle and their opponents before moving them up too quickly, but so far, the Sounders look like their old selves rather than what they were at the end of last year.

10. St. Louis City SC (20)

Two games, two wins for the new kids!

Not Bad, Not Fantastic

11. FC Dallas (15)

It took a little while for some players to adjust, but the second half against the Galaxy may very well be what this team wants to be.

FC Dallas v LA Galaxy 3-4-23 605 Velasco
Alan Velasco celebrates his goal against the LA Galaxy, March 4, 2023. (Matt Visinsky, 3rd Degree)

12. New York City FC (11)

A tie at Chicago isn’t awful but most really good teams find wins.

13. Austin FC (12)

Were they just surprised that the expansion team was that good in Week 1? Got it done v. Montreal in week 2.

14. Real Salt Lake (8)

They get credit for their win v. the Whitecaps, but the loss to Seattle says they have a ceiling.

15. San Jose Earthquakes (25)

They have been in good shape for most of their minutes played this season. A home win over Vancouver is good.


16. New York Red Bulls (9)

Zero goals. Especially after the money spent. It’s only two games but it’s concerning. At least they didn’t lose to Nashville.

17. Columbus Crew (18)

A 2-0 win over D.C. is still a win, but we have to see more.

18. Portland Timbers (17)

The comeback was too late, but it was a comeback to make it respectable in the 3-2 loss to LAFC.

19. LA Galaxy (10)

Missing players, hurt players, didn’t play Week 1. Still not a good result, losing to FCD 3-1.

20. CF Montreal (14)

Losing to Austin 1-0 on the road isn’t on its own bad, but this is not a good start to the season.

21. Atlanta United (19)

Tied at home by Toronto. That is not where Garth wants this team.

22. Sporting Kansas City (22)

It’s not something to celebrate, but a road tie, even to Colorado, is still a result.

23. Charlotte FC (21)

Two games, two losses, the latest to expansion side St. Louis. Hm…

24. Colorado Rapids (23)

The Rapids are struggling, and being tied by SKC at home isn’t helping.

25. D.C. United (24)

Coming back to Earth maybe? Columbus isn’t a great team, and a 2-0 loss isn’t a great result.

Not good

26. Toronto FC (29)

They didn’t lose, and Atlanta does have talent, so chalk this up as a positive.

27. Vancouver Whitecaps (26)

A road loss by a goal isn’t awful, but the Whitecaps need to make progress, not lose to San Jose.

28. Chicago Fire (28)

At least they didn’t lose to NYCFC, but another not-good result.

29. Houston Dynamo (27)

Danger, Will Robinson. Danger. A road loss to the Revs isn’t terrible, but it’s still the wrong direction.

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