The fix for Dallas soccer’s “Mt. Rushmore problem”

You probably weren’t aware but Dallas’ soccer history has an odd “Mt Rushmore problem”. I didn’t know either and frankly didn’t care until the other day.

Because they’re understandably desperate for content (trust me, I get it), MLS Extratime podcast is pot-stirring by announcing “Mount Rushmore” decisions on a club by club basis.  While I have no input on any other club, their reveal for FC Dallas was off-putting, and also caused me to put some thought into something that generally I find to be a sports cliche.

Lets all agree a couple of east coast league guys should not be setting themselves up as the arbiters for what is unquestionably something fans of the club should be deciding.  To prove this, their announced choice of Rhine, Kries, Diaz and Hedges is so silly, it just begged to be mocked.  

So, that’s what I did. 

Now actually, I can defend why I came up with this most unique list*, but then I began to ponder on it, read other people’s arguments for Mauro Diaz and was livid that people would even dare leave off Leonel Alvarez.

Then, the epiphany:  There is not a single “Mount Rushmore of Dallas Soccer” – but should be one for The Dallas Burn and another for FCD.

If everyone is being honest, up until a couple of months ago the Hunt family has avoided all things “Dallas Burn” like a virus.  The Hunts move to set that odd Nike brand aside was an understandable choice. When Lamar chose to absorb the remaining MLS orphan, warts and all, it was his prerogative to strip it off that rebellious biker gang branding and outfit it is something of his own fashion – Candy-striper.

So, it is clear the solution for this is to separate the two because – they are separate. San Jose and Houston are divorced, so why not Fair Park and Frisco? There is more than one side to a mountain. Let the Burn brand live on its own, and allow the FC Dallas brand to breathe on its own success story.  The two don’t have to be conjoined because they really are like the wrong sides of two magnets.

Dallas Burn Mount Rushmore

  • Leonel Alvarez
  • Jason Kreis
  • Mark Dodd
  • Oscar Pareja

FC Dallas Mount Rushmore

  • Oscar Pareja
  • David Ferreira 
  • Mauro Diaz
  • Matt Hedges 

While everyone is due their own version of these, the beauty in this design is it does allow proper placement for the single, beloved connecting piece of the two – Oscar Pareja.  He was the first to “kiss the badge” when he scored his first goal for the Burn and was so critical to the construction of the structure of the current club – the Hunts actually went out and money whipped another owner into getting Papi back in Frisco.  Giving Oscar this honor, also honors those fans who have carried their love over from one brand to the other.

**Back to my original list: Ted Eck – because there has never been another player who literally gave 110% no matter the moment, mostly just because he had to. Islamico – there will never be another mascot who caused fans to stop and pay attention like that kick-ass horse. If you never witnessed it for yourself, it can’t be explained. Victor Ulloa – the club’s greatest story and the epitome of what coming up thru the FCD system is about. 4th Spot Open – an homage to a club that was 1st to growing its own and the idea anyone could become a legend.


    1. No doubt. Rhine also bridged the Burn-FCD divide and to leave him off with Papi on their twice seems silly.

      And if Papi really needs to be on there twice, how about Rhine in place of Diaz? Does Diaz’s two peak years really earn him a spot on Mount Rushmore?

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