Tanner Tessmann signs Homegrown contract with FC Dallas

According to our sources, Tanner Tessmann signed a Homegrown contract with FC Dallas earlier this week. Coach Luchi Gonzalez told us on Tuesday morning the sides were close and, according to our sources, the final pen was put to paper later that day.

Tessman is a linking-8 type midfielder who can play almost anywhere on the pitch if needed. I’ve seen him play virtually every position for the Academy during his time there.

Update: Tessmann’s signing was officially announced on Thursday by FC Dallas.

Tanner Tessmann in the Dallas Cup
DALLAS, TX – APRIL 14: during the Dallas Cup Super Group soccer game between FC Dallas (USA) and Villareal (Spain) on April 14, 2019 at The Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Matthew Visinsky)

6’3″ and skilled, Tessman came up as a 10 but has been converting to a deeper linking playmaker over the last year or so. By signing Tessmann passed up a chance to play football and soccer at Clemson.

With all the call-ups expected this season, as well as unpredictable injuries, Tessmann could see a fair amount of playing time, perhaps as early as this weekend.

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