Round Table: Trade Talk

Who has the most trade value?

Peter Welpton: Blas [Perez}, he would make several teams instant Cup favorites and would likely thrive in the CCL.  

Todd Date: Kevin Hartman

Buzz Carrick: Blas Perez, big time striker in top form.

Who is untradeable?

Peter Welpton: Several, due to their injury and contract situations.  But those are also players, when healthy or in contract, you probably wouldn’t get you anything of significance in return for anyway

Todd Date: Jair Benitez, Daniel Hernandez, Ugo Ihemelu, Jackson, George John—Benitez has clear injury issues and there’s the whole emotional intelligence thing. Plus his contract is most likely up at the end of the year. Hernandez simply has too much tread on his tires and chronic knee issues show how little he has left. Ihemelu and John both have serious concussion issues and who knows when either of them will return. John’s contract is also up after this season. As for Jackson, he also has some current injury issues and a spotty history as far as being dependable.

Buzz Carrick: Daniel Hernandez due to age, injuries, and his coach contract; Ugo Ihemelu due to his concussion troubles.  Benitz and John I actually think are tradable and would have value to a team thinking they are one defender from a title.

Who can FCD not afford to part with?

Peter Welpton: Hedges and Pertuz.  This is likely your starting center back pair for the foreseeable future.   With both Ugo and John’s futures very much in question this again very well may become a very shallow position before next season. 

Todd Date: David Ferreira—While he is far from 100 percent and nowhere near ready to play a full 90 minutes like he did in Saturday’s 0-0 draw with San Jose, the entire system under Schellas Hyndman has been built around “El Torito”. Not only is his trade value currently pretty low as there is justifiable uncertainty as to whether or not he will ever return to being even a shell of his former self, but were FCD to trade the Colombian playmaker, it would signal the official start of a huge rebuilding process that could take several years.

Buzz Carrick: Blas Perez and Break Shea.  Blas cause without him FCD would be by far the worst team in MLS; until he got injured he was carrying this team.  They can’t afford to lose Brek Shea because HSG has made him the face of the franchise. Despite Shea’s value being its lowest in a couple years, his upside over the next few years is massive, i.e. you can sell him for big money someday.

I would also not trade Richard Sanchez without it being an insane offer, which no team would make for him anyway.

Who would you trade?

Peter Welpton: I would trade ANYONE outside of the two I listed.  But if it’s an “Hershel Walker” kinda offer. I’d even part with them. 

But specifically… Brek. I think this is the one player Dallas could reap the most in return and proportionally lose the least.  I wonder if there’s a team that would take Hartman and give something of value in return. I’d trade Jair for a bag of ice for the headaches he gave everyone. 

Todd Date: Hartman— It’s hard to find a veteran, dependable goalkeeper who won’t cost you games and also who can win you some matches down the stretch. Big Kev definitely fits the bill on all three fronts and now that Chris Seitz has proven himself as an able backup, why not trade Hartman while he still has some value.

Shea had a breakout performance in 2011 but has taken a definite step back this season, maybe due to turf toe. Even though Shea is the current face of the franchise, he is far from untradeable. That might seem like blasphemy for FC Dallas fans to hear but sometimes the truth hurts and if FCD could net some significant assets in exchange for the Bryan native, it might be worth a shot.

Buzz Carrick: I would try and trade Benitez for almost anything, because at his age I think he’s not going to be around in 2013. 

I would also let it be known around the league, privately, that FCD knows the season is over and therefore everyone on the roster is tradable.  The price would have to be immense for me to trade Ferreira, Shea, or Perez, but anyone one else on the team can be had for the right price.

I would also call Colorado and offer them Ruben Luna for next to nothing.  The kid has stalled here and for his sake he needs to be playing for Oscar Pareja.

Should FCD make a deal or two?

Peter Welpton: While Schellas isn’t one to give up, this is a dead season.  The fans know it and the players know it.  It would be interesting to see the 2nd half of the season used as a pre pre-season for 2013 with Hyndman really giving his younger players serious playing time.  The ‘homegrowns’ need to show what they’ve got, and even if it means 3-1 losses instead of 1-0 losses or 1-1 ties – so be it.  Who wouldn’t love to see Richard Sanchez between the pipes for several matches?  

Todd Date: No – the season is basically over and a pick in the top five of the 2013 MLS Super Draft is all but assured for this club. Might as well give some of the homegrown players some significant minutes the rest of the way and see who has something and who does not. The only way FCD should make a deal or two is if they can get some significant assets in return for some players who clearly don’t figure into the club’s future plans.

Buzz Carrick: Yes.  The club should make a trade, but not a “win now” trade as this season is effectively over.  FCD should dump older players, large’ish contracts they don’t want, and kids that aren’t in the plans if possible.  In return FCD would want picks, allocation money, or talent under 25.  One or two trades should be made with an eye on 2013 and beyond.

Is there anything FCD has that can bring future assets in?  It’s possible to the right team looking to make a playoff push. 

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