Putting FCD’s 2012 Road Record in Perspective

By Todd Date

            Other than the almost unending wave of injuries the team was beset with earlier in the year and a franchise-record 13-game winless streak, there might be one other thing that serves as a fitting epitaph for FC Dallas’ 2012 season-a lack of results on the road.

            Heading into Sunday’s must-win at Seattle, FCD is just 3-10-2 away from the friendly confines of FC Dallas Stadium. While those three road wins, a huge victory at Colorado in July to stop the aforementioned streak of futility at 13, a huge win at Vancouver in August and the franchise’s first-ever win over Real Salt Lake at Rio Tinto Stadium a few days later, were big they are the lone highlights for a club that has struggled away from home in 2012.

            Of course, it is very tough to win on the road in MLS, but another road win or two here and there and this club wouldn’t be clinging to its proverbial playoff lives this weekend. This year’s road mark got us wondering where this year’s mark stands in terms of franchise history, well here’s a thorough breakdown:

Five Best FCD Road Records
YearHead Coach(s)Record
20028-4-2Dave Dir
19978-8-0Dave Dir
19967-9-0Dave Dir
20076-7-2Steve Morrow
20116-7-4Schellas Hyndman
19996-10-2Dave Dir

Five Worst FCD Road Records

Year                Record                        Head Coach(s)

2003                1-11-3                          Mike Jeffries

2000                3-11-2                          Dave Dir

2009                3-10-2                          Schellas Hyndman

2012                3-10-3*                        Schellas Hyndman

2008                3-6-6                            Steve Morrow/Marco Ferruzzi/Schellas Hyndman

*-Record with one road game yet to play.

            It’s not hard to see that current FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman owns  the club’s two worst road records ever and had a significant part in the third, his first season in 2008. But Dave Dir, the club’s original head coach and Mike Jeffries, whose tenure is regarded as nothing short of an abject disaster by Dallas supporters, also make the list and Jeffries in dramatic fashion as that ’03 campaign will always live in infamy as the worst in FCD history.

            Of course, Dir coached the then Dallas Burn to four of its best six road records in club history but Steve Morrow also makes the list as does Hyndman for his 2011 club, which won six times away from Frisco before their late-season collapse. The next chart shows the best and worst road goal differentials in franchise history.

Five Best FCD Road Goal Differentials

Year                Differential                Head Coach(s)

2010                +2                                Schellas Hyndman

1997                Even                            Dave Dir

2005                Even                            Colin Clarke

2008                Even                            Steve Morrow/Marco Ferruzzi/Schellas Hyndman

1999                -2                                 Dave Dir

Five Worst FCD Road Goal Differentials

2003                -22                               Mike Jeffries

2004                -15                               Colin Clarke

2000                -15                               Dave Dir

1998                -13                               Dave Dir

2006                -10                               Colin Clarke

            The top two spots in each category illustrate two pretty obvious things. One, it’s not a surprise to see the 2010 squad as having the best road goal differential since that club is regarded as the most successful in franchise history. And it’s no shock to see the ’03 side rank as the worst in road goal differential since that group’s place in infamy is forever assured after a truly disastrous season. The other data is interesting, especially since Colin Clarke-coached teams appear once in the good list and twice on the bad list (something of a Rain Man reference, one for good and two for bad). Our third and final chart shows the overall winning percentage for each head coach and points earned while also looking at home vs. road.

Overall Winning Percentage for FCD Head Coaches

Percentage                 Head Coach               Total Games/Wins     Years at Helm

.506                             Dave Dir                     160/81                         1996-2000

.410                             Colin Clarke                100/41                         2003-2006@

.400                             Marco Ferruzzi            5/2                               2008*

.394                             Steve Morrow             38/15                           2007-2008^

.359                             Schellas Hyndman      142/51                         2008-present#

.333                             Mike Jeffries               78/26                           2000-2003+

@-Clarke coached the final six games of the 2003 season, going 2-3-1 after Jeffries was fired.

*-Ferruzzi served as interim head coach between firing of Morrow and hiring of Hyndman.

^-Morrow was fired nine games into the 2008 season after a 5-1 home loss to the Galaxy.

#-Hyndman coached the final 21 games of the 2008 season after being hired in mid-June.

+-Jeffries was fired on Sept. 15, 2003, 24 games into the season.

Overall Road Winning Percentage for FCD Head Coaches

Percentage                 Head Coach               Road Games/Wins     Years

.414                             Dave Dir                     70/29                           1996-2000

.368                             Steve Morrow             19/7                             2007-2008^

.302                             Mike Jeffries               39/13                           2000-2003+

.274                             Colin Clarke                51/14                           2003-2006@

.253                             Schellas Hyndman      71/18                           2008-present#

.000                             Marco Ferruzzi            2/0                               2008*

            These two charts pretty much speak for themselves. Here are two final ones that might shed additional light on FCD’s coaching history. The first one shows percentage of points gained and the other shows that figure broken down for only road matches.

Overall Percentage of Points Gained

Percentage     Head Coach               Total Points/Possible            Years

.514                 Dave Dir                     247/480                                   1996-2000

.476                 Schellas Hyndman      198/416                                   2008-present#

.470                 Colin Clarke                143/300                                   2003-2006@

.466                 Marco Ferruzzi            7/15                                         2008*

.464                 Steve Morrow             114/53                                     2007-2008^

.401                 Mike Jeffries               94/234                                     2000-2003+

Overall Percentage of Road Points Gained

Percentage     Head Coach               Total Road Points/Possible   Years

.439                 Steve Morrow             25/57                                       2007-2008^

.393                 Mike Jeffries               52/117                                     2000-2003+

.347                 Schellas Hyndman      74/213                                     2008-present#

.340                 Colin Clarke                52/153                                     2003-2006@

.246                 Dave Dir                     89/240                                     1996-2000

.000                 Marco Ferruzzi            0/6                                           2008*

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