Ricardo Pepi Injured, on Crutches in Munich

There’s little info to go on yet, but from his Instagram, it appears Ricardo Pepi has injured his left ankle/leg/foot.

Ricardo Pepi in Munich, from his Instagram.

It’s unclear if this is a new injury or an aggravation of the injury he suffered playing for the U17s a while back. Earlier this week Pepi looked fine.

David Rodriguez and Ricardo Pepi at Bayern Munich.

Here’s another pic from Pepi’s Instagram that shows his ankle in a brace.

Pepi’s Instagram photo overlooking the Bayern Campus Stadium, his foot clearly in the brace and crutches nearby.

Stay tuned as we get more info.

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  1. I think Bayern should do us a solid and loan us Lewandowski during the Bundesliga offseason to make things right. :p

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