North Texas SC makes end of season roster moves

As we here at 3rd Degree had talked about on our podcast, there was going to be a big roster clear out at North Texas Soccer Club this winter. Today that clear out began with the announcements of multitple roster moves.

Give or take, there is an unofficial two-year window for most players with NTXSC. That’s plenty of time for them to progress to MLS, the USL-Championship, land with a foreign club, or find themselves out of pro soccer.

Contracts Options Picked Up

The following players were retained by NTXSC.

Alex Bruce
Alisson dos Santos Correa
Nicky Hernandez
Derek Waldeck

Options Declined

Carlos Avilez
Juan Manuel Alvarez
Pedro Conceição Alves
Brecc Evans
Philip Ponder
Arturo Rodriguez
Luis Zamudio

Out of Contract

Ronaldo Damus

Nothing is forever here, some of these players could come back but it’s not highly likely.

The Roster Dance has been updated.


  1. I think it’s a mistake to use this season as the basis of a negative evaluation, especially for the younger players. With everything so off-kilter, this should have been throwaway season. Guys should get a mulligan.

    I love Nicky Hernandez. He was an instant impact player from his first game on. I’m not too crazy about Alisson though. He’s got bite but he can’t change direction AT ALL. He’ll never keep up with MLS-level attackers, so why keep him around. I’d rather see slots like his go to academy kids or draft picks.

    1. Man this is really gonna screw up the fm21 winter update if they don’t sign some bodies lol.

      Good coverage but it’s really hard for me to get tied into ntsc. This year sucks…

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