North Texas SC clears the deck, again

Once again, North Texas SC has cleared their roster in the offseason the only difference this time being the club’s upcoming move to MLS 2. If you aren’t aware, there is a new – yet to be named – MLS reserve league coming and North Texas SC is expected to move from USL-1 to the new setup.

As usual, we should remind everyone that being out of contract doesn’t mean a player can’t come back. A new contract could be negotiated. Given a new league might mean a new budget there might be a whole lot of room for players to return just with a need for a different contract structure.

Nonetheless, there are more players out of contract or having their options declined than we expected.

Option Picked Up

I’m doing this list first as it’s just one person.

Blaine FerriBlaine was terrific over the 2nd half of the season and it’s no surprise he was retained.

Option Declined

Players whose options are declined can be re-signed.

Devin BentonA late-season addition, I thought he had done enough for a second look.
Thibaut JacquelHad a strong pre-season, but the scoring dried up when the season started. It’s no surprise he wasn’t retained.
Michael MaldonadoA signing from an open tryout, I thought Maldonado was a solid roster piece. But I suppose NTXSC isn’t about USL-1 level roster pieces.
Gibran RayoLos Toritos best player. I hoped he would get an FCD camp invite. But even if he’s just headed to USL-C, it’s time for him to move on.
Colin ShutlerHaving lost his bench place to an Academy keeper, his declined option comes as no surprise.
Alejandro ViniegraAt one point he was looking like a steal, then injuries derailed it.

Out of Contract

As we said, being out of contract doesn’t mean a player can’t come back.  I expect a couple might return.

Imanol AlmaguerIt’s time for Imanol to move on to USL-C.
Alex BruceGood leader, but not enough game to keep around.
Christian “Kazu” FerreiraLoan ended. I would like NTX to buy him. I think he can make it to MLS.
Caiser GomesAnother player whose loan ended that I would also like to see return. He was good enough to be added to the MLS roster last year during the injury crisis.
Gabriel de MoraisThat’s interesting. HIs loan was reported as being through ’22. A 9-type striker.
Rio RamirezLocal kid, I would like to see a 2nd season for him.
Mark SalasLate-round FCD draft pick and mi-season signing. Not an MLS-level player but could be an asset to NTX. I say re-sign him.
Richard SanchezI expect him to sign with FCD as 2nd/3rd keeper.
Alisson Dos SantosTwo seasons was plenty. Good luck to you.
Derek WaldeckAmazing leader, but he’s not going to make it to MLS. If he wants to coach I would hire him now.

Under Contract for 2022

Hope Kodzo Avayevu
Bernard Kamungo
Lucas “Lucaõ” Gabriel Teodoro.
Blaine Ferri

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