FC Dallas End of 2021 Roster Decisions

FC Dallas announced their roster decision for the end of 2021 and, for the most part, it went just as we suggested it should. From an outsider’s point of view, I’m really quite pleased, they got these exactly as I wanted.

Let’s run through the option pick-ups and declines and I’ll explain each move.

Options Declined

Phelipe MegiolaroIt was already reported that FC Dallas wasn’t going to exercise the buy on Phelipe so declining his option is a formality.
BressanBressan was the only older center-back contract the club could get out of as Jose Martinez and Matt Hedges both have longer deals. The CBs weren’t great this year so, as we suggested, Bressan is the odd man out.
Caiser GomesThis one isn’t a surprise as his loan to North Texas SC from Portugal is ending. He was in turn loaned from NTX to Dallas. So it will be down for North Texas to do a new loan or buy, which I think they should.
Johnny NelsonNot picking up Nelson’s contract option is mostly, I would think, about the back injury. He’s coming off his Generation adidas contract and would have to be added to the senior roster so, with that injury, it’s too risky to carry over the larger, former GA contract. Could he be a candidate for a new offer come January camp? Maybe at a lower number.
Bryan AcostaAnother move we suggested but weren’t expecting to actually happen. Acosta is a DP and toward the end of 2021 was being outplayed by Brandon Servania. It’s time for Acosta to move on and it’s good the club is recognizing that.
Andres RicaurteLike Phelipe, it was already reported FCD wasn’t buying Ricaurte so the decline is a formality.
Freddy VargasVargas was in the same buy state as Ricaurte and Phelipe but nothing had been reported on him. Another player that made no sense to keep so the contract decline was necessary.

Options Picked up

Edwin CerrilloEdwin is very close to being a full-time starter and was outplaying Faco at the end of the year. His progression is right on track. This is the first of two options so no rush on a new deal.
Brandon ServaniaAfter his early season loan, Servania returned and really started to show. By the end of the season, he had taken over for Bryan Acosta as the starting linking-8 in the FCD XI. He deserves a new longer contract, 4 years plus options would be my target.
Ryan HollingsheadHe’ll be 31 in April, but he’s still one of the best left backs in MLS. FCD better start looking for a replacement.
Eddie MunjomaMunjoma is relatively cheap and can play left back when needed. With Nelson being declined they almost had to keep Munjoma even if he’s not ready to start.
Nkosi TafariIn our mind, he should be a lock starter you build the defense around. Glad to see his option picked up and he has one more after this.
Ema TwumasiThe right back starter by the end of the year. Another player that was an obvious choice to have the option picked up. Now it’s time to get a new deal done with him… if he will take it.

Out of Contract

Kyle Zobeck – As the third keeper he should be invited to camp. If the team still needs him they can offer him any time.

Under Contract

Justin Che – potential to be sold to Bayern.
Kalil ElMedkhar
Jesús Ferreira
Matt Hedges
Nicky Hernandez
Franco Jara
José Martínez
Jimmy Maurer
Jáder Obrian
Ricardo Pepi – so much noise on a sale here but FCD is acting like they are keeping him.
Paxton Pomykal
Facundo Quignon
Beni Redžić
Thomas Roberts – on loan to SK Austria Klagenfurt.
Szabolcs Schön
Dante Sealy – on loan PSV.
Collin Smith


  1. Pleasantly surprised that FCD seems to have got this one spot on. All of the decisions make sense, even for those players that (as you note Buzz) FCD might want to resign but under a new contract.

    I presume that a full year of Faco’s salary makes him a DP (or would require all of the allocation money), so Acosta rolls off and Faco rolls on, leaving one open DP slot. Any idea of what direction the club is leaning strategically? Leave the slot open? Sign a “traditional” DP? Sign two more U22 players (assuming that Schon is one already)? TBD? I personally kind of prefer going with three U22 players and 2 regular DPs. For one, it fits with FCD’s modus operandi. But it also gives FCD more shots at picking a good player. With FCD’s recent track record on those kind of signings, FCD needs as many tries as they can get.

    1. Faco is indeed a DP in contract based on his number, although they could buy him down below using TAM/GAM. Dan Hunt talked about using the U22 thing, I think they really like Schon who is one. So I think they double down on young and developing both as HG and as foreign signings.

      1. Thanks. And good. I hope so. The whole signing veterans thing didn’t work out so well. Now if they could just fix the scouting thing. Oh, and not screw up the academy thing. And keep on doing decently in the college draft. And find and keep good coaching and training staff. Is that too much to ask?

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