Non-Official Burn Drinking Game

     (Formerly Known as the Non-Official Revolution Drinking Game)

                © 1999 No-one because I stole it.  ie… This is a Joke Game!!!!

                Our Motto: “We Hate Punchy Newman” © 1999 Buzz Carrick

                – Social: everyone takes a drink
                – Chug: everyone finishes their drink

                – 21 or OVER to participate
                – Must be watching Burn

                For our beloved Burn:

                1. Deering is dispossessed. (Social)
                2. Washington is offside. (Social)
                3. Kreis, Deering, or Pareja gets fouled. (Social)
                4. Alvarez commits a foul. (Social)
                5. Washington heads a cross. (Social)
                6. Eck takes a shot or passes to the opposition. (Social)
                7. Pareja makes behind the back/heel/tricky pass. (Social)
                8. Dodd or Jordan makes a save. (Social)
                9. Dir, Hicks, or any Burn player uses the word “Injury” in a half-time
                interview. (CHUG)
                10. Burn get a goal kick. (Social — drink the entire time the ball is in the air)
                11. Alvarez talks to, argues with, or disputs a call of the ref or linesman. (Social)
                12. Rhine, Broome, or Alavanja is mentioned with the words, young, talent, or Draft. (Social)
                13. Any Burn player except Pollard (see 13a) is referred to as “dangerous.”
                13a. Pollard is referred to as “dangerous.” (CHUG!!)
                14. Yellow Card; except Alvarez — see rule 14a. (Social)
                14a. Alvarez gets a yellow card. (CHUG!!) — Alvarez gets a red, see rule 15a below
                15. Red Card (CHUG!!)
                15a. If Alvarez gets a red card, you have to CHUG, then refill and CHUG AGAIN.
                16. Commentator mentions problems with scoring (Social)
                17. Kreis does a flip after a goal. (CHUG!)
                18. Burn Score. (Social)
                19. Burn win a corner kick. (Social)
                20. Burn WIN! (CHUG!!)

                For the opposing team (all qualify as Social ):
                20. NY/NJ: Phil Schoen calls Hurtado by his nickname (“El Tanque”).
                21. NY/NJ: Any commentator makes reference to Bora’s World Cup coaching
                22. Colorado: Wolde Harris performs an over-the-top goal celebration
                (regardless of whether he scored the goal).
                23. Colorado: A commentator talks about Vaud as a ‘former DC United’
                24. DC: Any commentator mentions Bruce Arena.
                25. DC: Any time Lassiter is off-sides..
                26. Columbus: Any commentator makes a reference to “the country’s first
                soccer-only stadium.”
                27. Columbus: McBride scores off a header.
                28. Chicago: Any time Chris Armis wins the ball in midfield..
                30. Chicago: Any commentator makes a reference to Eastern Europe.
                31. Miami: Jeff Cassar makes a save.
                32. Miami: Wade Webber fouls someone.
                33. Tampa Bay: Any commentators mentions ex-Mutants (Wegerle, Yallop,
                Hejduk, or Ravelli).
                34. Tampa Bay: Ralston is fouled.
                35. LA: Cobi gets knocked down.
                36. LA: Hermosillo is offside.
                37. Kansas City: Ron Newman is seen on screen or can be heard yelling.
                38. Kansas City: Preki is mentioned as “returning to Form”.
                39. San Jose: Diaz Arce is offside.
                40. San Jose: Game play enters the corner of Spartan Stadium that the
                camera can’t see.
                41. New England: Anytime anyone mentions the great crowd.
                42. New England: Savarese shoots and misses.

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