1999 season – post Miami

2 red cards in 2 games, the Burn seem to be lacking composure on defense.  Although one goal in four games isn’t bad, we should have more than one win having given up only one goal. The new kid Wilson was both good and bad.  He had a nice touch and some good distribution from midfield but looked a little weak covering all the way back. He would be better if we played a 4-4-2.  It would inspire more confidence in him with a man behind to cover. Kirk actually reminds me of Ben Olsen quite a bit.  Dante Washington looked better than he has in a long time.  When he’s all the way back he will be a real handful.

It was a bit of a surprise seeing Pareja start with the rib injury.  With Dade out on suspension, Zarco moved to the back.

Here’s the 11 vs the ConFusion

 Kreis (Rhine ’86) Washington (Trotman ’80)
 Pareja (Haynes ’46)
 Suarez  Eck Alvarez Wilson 
 Pollard Zarco
 Farrer (Red ’43)

Farrer’s totally unacceptable Red card means he’s out for Tampa Sunday.

Here’s our Predictions
VS. Tampa

 Suarez Eck Alvarez Wilson
 Pollard Dade

Deering will come on as a sub for someone (Eck) in the midfield shortly after the half.  Two things we would like to see but won’t: Broome playing a whole game for Suarez and Bobby Rhine up top with Kreis in midfield if pareja is still injured.

For the Charlotte (Tampa) Mutiny

 Alejandro SequieraJefferson Gottardi
 Mauricio Ramos
 Steve Ralston Paul Dougherty Jorge Salcedo Guillermo Jara
 Dominic KinnearR.T. Moore
 Jan Eriksson
 Scott Garlick

This team has lots of injuries on defense, so Kinnear and Moore could both be replaced if people get healthy.

Since we mentioned the 4-4-2, here’s our choice if Dir would do it.  (thank Manchester United)

 Washington Kreis
ParejaDeering AlvarezWilson
Pollard FarrerDadeZarco 

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