MLS to use points per game to determine 2020 standings

It’s frankly been in the cards for some time, but MLS made it official today that the 2020 standings would be determined by points per game instead of points.

With multiple MLS clubs about to finish the 2020 regular season without playing a full 23-match schedule due to COVID-19, PPG was always going to be the logical outcome.

In total, 6 MLS matches will not be rescheduled including the FC Dallas game against Minnesota United originally scheduled for Oct. 14th.

Standings Tiebreakers

The standings tiebreaking procedures will also be calculated on a per match basis:

  1. Total number of wins per match played;
  2. Goal Differential (GD) per match played;
  3. Goals For (GF) per match played;
  4. Fewest disciplinary points per match played;
  5. Away Goal Differential per away match played; 
  6. Away Goals For per away match played;
  7. Home Goal Differential per home match played;
  8. Home Goals For per home match played;
  9. Coin toss (tie between two clubs) or drawing of lots (tie between three or more clubs)

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