Match Photos: Union Omaha at North Texas SC

Once again our newest photographer Daniel McCullough was on hand in Arlington to take in all the amazing USL-1 action. He’s brought back some fantastic picture, we hope you enjoy.

  • Collin Smith 20200823_ntxsc_21212
  • Edwin Cerrillo celebrates 20200823_ntxsc_21208
  • thomas R 20200823_ntxsc_21211
  • Edwin Cerrillo 20200823_ntxsc_21213
  • Collin Smith 20200823_ntxsc_21221
  • Gibran Rayo 20200823_ntxsc_21220
  • Alisson
  • Justin Che 20200823_ntxsc_21210
  • Gibran Rayo 20200823_ntxsc_21214
  • Thomas Roberts 20200823_ntxsc_21215
  • Collin Smith 20200823_ntxsc_21217
  • Ronaldo Damus 20200823_ntxsc_21219
  • Waldeck 20200823_ntxsc_21222
  • Collin Smith 20200823_ntxsc_21216

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