MASL Season ends immediately – Sidekicks & Outlaws impacted

The Major Arena Soccer League, home to the Dallas Sidekicks and Mesquite Outlaws, has ended its season effective immediately, with teams having between 1 and 4 matches left unplayed.

In a statement released by the league, MASL Commissioner Joshua Schaub said, “It’s a disappointing end to an exciting regular season, but the health and safety of our players, fans, and staff is paramount. It was a significant sacrifice for our owners to forego the remaining regular-season games, but it was the appropriate decision considering the gravity of the situation.”

For the two Metroplex teams, no home games will be missed, with both sides wrapping up their home seasons last weekend. However, the Sidekicks will have 2 games and the Outlaws 3 games canceled, respectively.

Both teams had already been eliminated from postseason contention.

The Outlaws therefor finish their inaugural season with a 7-14 record while the Sidekicks finish their worst season to date with a 3-19 record.

VcMore Eligwe of the Mesquite Outlaws cuts back against the Dallas Sidekicks defense, December 26, 2019. (Michael Lark, Dallas Sidekicks)

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