Marcos Charras in Dallas, Signing with FCD in Next Few Days

Marcus Charras in FC Dallas training, April 12, 2006.

Former Argentina U20 Marcos Charras has been spotted in Dallas and a source close to the FC Dallas says he will be training with the team tomorrow. According to one of 3rd Degree’s sources, Charras’ international youth release from CSKA of Bulgaria was the last hurdle in the signing of Charras and that has not been received. Charras’ contract is in the final stages with the league office and should be complete in the next couple of days. Charras can play defense or midfield.

CSKA of Bulgaria and Quilmes of Argentina are the last two clubs Charras played for and both teams had to sign the youth international waiver for the player before the move could be made. Last Wednesday Clarke told 3rd Degree “We are hoping to bring someone in during the next ten days. Someone who can start, we want someone who can challenge what we already have to start.” Pervious conjecture was that the move for Charras has been off due to the close of the transfer window. An MLS team can sign a player who was out of contract during the window, and that appears to be the case with Charras.

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