Charras Gets Visa, Will Play with Reserves in DC

Marcos Charras in training with FC Dallas, April 12, 2006.

Guante out to make room for Charras.

Argentine lefty Marcos Charras has been approved for his visa and will play for FC Dallas this weekend in DC. The visa approval means that Charras can legally play for FCD and will need to be added to the roster. FCD has made roster space for Charras by moving Abe Thompson back down to the developmental roster and releasing 2006 Supplemental Draft pick Miguel Guante.

According to FCD head coach Colin Clarke Charras will make several reserve appearance to gain fitness before he can challenge for a spot in the first team. Charras is expected to take the field for the Reserve game this Sunday in the Nation’s Capitol.

Charras has been assigned the #5 by FCD.

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