First reactions to the ‘Legacy Kit’ as 2020 jersey goes on sale

On Wednesday evening, FC Dallas released its 2020 primary jersey as part of MLS’ FORWARD25 campaign. While the league held a glitzy event for all as part of New York Fashion Week, where 27 jerseys were unveiled, FCD opted for a low-key release at Soccer90. The team-owned store on the south side of Toyota Stadium opened at 7:30pm for the Legacy Kit to go on sale to the public.

The 2020 'Legacy Kit' goes on sale at Soccer90 in Frisco (Dan Crooke)
The 2020 ‘Legacy Kit’ goes on sale at Soccer90 in Frisco (Dan Crooke, 3rd Degree)

While snow flurries and freezing temperatures made a for a quiet start to the evening, Sunday’s scrimmage against Austin Bold will represent the first big day on sale.

I had planned on getting a few reactions at Soccer90 but the lack of people due to the weather changed that, so here’s my opinion…

A mannequin at Soccer90 displays the full 2020 FC Dallas kit with a replica version of the jersey - Dan Crooke
A mannequin at Soccer90 displays the full 2020 FC Dallas kit with a replica version of the jersey – Dan Crooke

Just like the Reunion Kit last year, it looks infinitely better in person. I liked it enough to buy the authentic version. The collar and sleeve cuffs looked awkwardly large in the leaks and preview images, becoming a popular talking point among FCD fans. Honestly, they’re a comfortable fit on the authentic, although they do look less fitting on the replica version.

I do wish the hoops were true hoops but jerseys nowadays are a plain back, sublimated front. It allows them to have the fabric technology for the players and avoids any conflict with the numbers. I love the brushstroke look, it’s not a scratchy Photoshop brush but there are still strong elements that show it’s not just a set of straight bars.

The thick adidas stripes look fine on the authentic but seem bigger and more goofy on the replica (There’s a photo of them further down). I’m not sure where I’d power rank it just yet but it’s a massive improvement over the deconstructed Texas flag that preceded it.

Fans had clamored for the return of FC Dallas’ hoops with the Dallas Beer Guardians supporters group producing adidas jerseys in both red/white and red/blue hoops over the past two years.

While hoops technically never left the kit, they had long fallen from prominence. FC Dallas stopped using ‘The Hoops’ as a nickname as far back as 2014 as the team went from red and white to a red on red hoop pattern. It’s worth pointing out that we’ve talked about the idea of red and blue hoops a few time over the years!

adidas' brushstroke theme for 2020 on display in the blue hoops on the 2020 FC Dallas home jersey (Dan Crooke)
adidas’ brushstroke theme for 2020 on display in the blue hoops on the 2020 FC Dallas home jersey (Dan Crooke)

As always, two versions of the jersey are available to buy. The authentic version is the specification worn in MLS matches. It features a tailored cut, rubberized logos, heat-pressed adidas stripes, the Founding Club marks inside the jersey, and the Lamar Hunt tribute. In terms of the fabric itself, the jersey features both a honeycomb pattern, as well as breathable AEROREADY material on the back and arms. The authentic version retails for $130.

The replica version of the jersey is a cheaper option for fans at $90. There are subtle differences such as sewn adidas stripes, a straight bottom, a looser fit, and an embroidered FC Dallas crest. Below you can see a couple of side-by-side images. The authentic jersey is to the left in both photographs

This season marks the first time that the MLS crest does not feature by default. The 25th season sleeve patch will only feature for one season, so MLS are shifting to making those an extra in line with European leagues. A single patch will cost $7.

The 2020 season also sees the introduction of sleeve sponsorship in MLS, with Atlanta United the first team to announce a partner. Sponsors will occupy the right sleeve, while teams without a sponsor will be required to fix MLS patches on both sleeves.

Another change in 2020 is the new ‘tri-line’ font for MLS jerseys. This customization will cost $30 and can be seen below when the Dude Perfect guys do their little turn on the catwalk!

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