Final check on the 2024 FC Dallas roster build

I spent most of February in despair that the 3-4-3 had broken my roster build model. I was quite worried. The 3-4-3, you see, didn’t align with the positions and moves I was expecting. There were holes I was failing to resolve. It wasn’t working.

Then it hit me: the one thing.

The thing – or the man really – that fixed it all and made the 3-4-3 work with my model, repairing the cracks. The man who made it all makes sense.

That man?

Sam Junqua.

You see, Junqua is the man. And it turns out Junqua isn’t a left back, he’s a center back. We knew he was versatile and moving him to center back in my build model was the key to making it work.

Just wait, you’ll see.

Final 2024 Roster Build

So here it is, the the 4th, and final, roster build check for 2024.

Please note: this isn’t a depth chart.

By making Junqua a center back – where he plays in the 3-4-3 – I filled the hole at the 3rd center back slot that was driving me bonkers. I just didn’t understand how it wasn’t getting filled. Now with Junqua as the 3rd CB, Omar Gonzalez is the 4th and Amet Korca 5th. Confusion sorted.

After that, all it took was tweaking the position nomenclature a bit. Check it out.

Changes/signings in blue.
Role swaps in red.

The left half of the below table is where we started back in November when I was thinking 4-3-3…
the right half is where we are today in the 3-4-3.

Ta Dah!!

Roster CountPosition 4-3-3End of ’23Position 3-4-3Start of ’24Notes
19Jesus Ferreira9Eugene AnsahFerreira and Ansah swapped roles.
29Jesus Jiminez9Petar MusaJJ terminattion opens door for Musa.
39Jose Mulato9Logan FarringtonSigned pre-draft
4WingPaul Arriola10Paul Arriola
5WingEugene Ansah10Jesus FerreiraFerreira and Ansah swapped roles.
6WingBernard Kamungo10Bernard KamungoTested wingback.
7WingEnes Sali10Enes Sali
8Free-8Sebastian LletgetFree-8Sebastian Lletget
9Free-8Depth 8?Free-8Tomas Pondeca
10Linking-8Paxton PomykalLinking-8Paxton Pomykal
11Linking-8Tsiki NtsabelengLinking-8Tsiki Ntsabeleng
126Asier Illarramendi6Asier Illarramendi
136Liam Fraser6Liam Fraser
14LBMarco FarfanLWBMarco Farfan
15LBSam JunquaLWBDante SealyBoom!
16CBNkosi TafariCBNkosi Tafari
17CBTAM signing?CBSam JunquaThey key!
18CBSebastien IbeaghaCBSebastien Ibeagha
19CBStarter Light?CBOmar Gonzalez
20CBPick or HG?CBAmet KorcaDeclined end of ’23.
21RBEma TwumasiRWBEma Twumasi
22RBHerbert EndeleyRWBHerbert Endeley
23GKMaarten PaesGKMaarten Paes
24GKAntonio CarreraGKAntonio Carrera
25GKHG or vet?GKJimmy MaurerDeclined end of ’23.
26MiscNolan NorrisMiscNolan NorrisExtra 6, HG
27MiscTarik ScottMiscTarik ScottExtra 9, HG
28MiscIsaiah ParkerMiscIsaiah ParkerExtra LWB, GA
29MiscUsed to leave open.MiscAle UrzuaExtra 6/8, HG
30MiscUsed to leave open.MiscPatrickson DelgadoExtra 6
31InjuredGeovane JesusInjuredGeovane Jesus
32InjuredAlan VelascoInjuredAlan Velasco
33OverOverMalik-Henry ScottWith NTX, HG

More Notes

I currently have Geovane Jesus and Alan Velasco on short-term IR. That’s important to make the numbers work. The roster is 30 “active” players.

The Jesus Ferreira and Eugene Ansah role swap isn’t significant. Both players can, and probably will, play both sports. But their “first” role has swapped.

The two spots (19, 20) the club has left open since early in the Luchi Gonzalez era have now been filled in an attempt to create better, serviceable depth for the workload.

When you get down to the Homegrowns, moving them to North Texas SC and back makes that part of the roster quite fluid.

I still believe FC Dallas to be one center back short. But it seems they will count on Norris – who is “officially a 6” now – or perhaps someone from North Texas SC, in an emergency.

Up Next?

The 3-4-3 depth chart as we see it going into the season.


  1. Farfan could be that sixth CB more than he is a wingback but we’ll see. Could a guy like Tariq Scott provide wingback depth? I suppose Geovane Jesus slots in as a wingback, and didn’t Twumasi play wingback in his USL days?

    I think getting Arriola closer to the goal may revitalize him. I know he had injuries, but he was losing foot races last year that he won the year before. Your concerns in the 3-4-3 article comment section about Bernard playing the inside forward position (wing in the above article) are well taken, but I think he’s a the kind of baller that will figure it out.

    1. Farfan has done a bit of LCB before FCD but he’s shorter than one might like. We’ve not seen him play that spot in Dallas.
      Yes, Scott or his bother could be in the chart there. So might Pondeca. But Geovane is ideal with his offensive game and Twumasi was a wing in college so both are in that spot too.
      Hopefully you are right about Arriola.

  2. I agree about Junqua – great insight. Do we have the legs at CM to run a 3-4-3? If the two CMs sit and hold I think it can work, but it is a back-breaking role in that formation, let alone the wings.

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