FCD announces Jader Obrian

It’s not exactly been a secret since his club announced the transfer on Saturday, but FC Dallas has finally announced the buy of Jáder Obrian from Águilas Doradas in Colombia using TAM.

Full name Jáder Rafael Obrian Arias, his contract runs through the 2023 season with club options for 2024 and 2025 seasons

Obrian is a 25-year-old right wing from Colombia, who led the Colombian league in 2020 with 13 goals, albeit five came from the penalty spot. He scored 11 goals in 2019 with four PKs. That’s 24 goals last two seasons with 9 from the PK spot, if you’re scoring at home, and 9 for 9 on PKs.

Obrian began his career at the now defunct Uniautonoma where he played alongside Michael Barrios in Barrios’ final season before moving to Frisco. Currently in his sixth season in the Colombian top flight, Obrian has spent the past two years with Rionegro Aguilas.

Obrian has played some inverted left wing, a position in which FCD has recently jettisoned both their players.


The Colombian midfielder will be added to Dallas’ roster in January 2021 pending receipt of his P-1 Visa and International Transfer Certificate (ITC). Obrian will occupy an international roster spot.

Full Name: Jáder Rafael Obrian Arias
Nickname: “El Soldado Obrian”
Connect with Jáder: Instagram
Pronunciation: HA-dehr OH-brah-yan
Position: Winger
DOB: May 18, 1995 (25)
Hometown: María La Baja, Colombia
Birthplace: María La Baja, Colombia
Height: 5-5
Weight: 137
Citizenship: Colombia

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