FC Dallas Youth ECNL White 05/04 for Dallas Cup 2023 U18s

The 2nd FC Dallas ECNL team in the Texas North Division is the ECNL White. All the players in this team are 2005s.

The Red/White teams for FC Dallas in the ECNL are mostly split by year. Red is mostly 2004s and White is 2005s.

FC Dallas Youth RL B05/04

Coach: Casey Cantor

Bracket A: DeRo TFC, Fullerton Rangers Blue, Solar Martinez ECNL-RL

FCDY ECNL White is in 6th place in the North Division of the Texas Conference with a 5-6-4 record.

1Maxwell LevitonG
2Ryoma ColyarD
4Hazani TorresD
5Luke NeelyD
7Jose CamposM
9Raul PargaF
10Matthew SanchezM
11Victor HerreraM/D
11Craig StevensonF
15Hikaru DojoM
16Salim ChavezM
17Devin SnyderM
18Stetson ButtrillF
19Edward GarciaM
23Dylan BerryD
24Ismail NievesD
30Kalib HernandezF
38John PelaezF
40Logan JonesM
88Luke Adams
Gian Najera

2023 Dallas Cup Schedule for FCDY ECNl White 05/04

April 310 amDeRo TFCRichland College 2
April 46 pmFullerton Rangers BlueRichland College 1
April 58 pmSolar Martinez ECNL-RLRichland College 1
05 ECNL boys
FC Dallas Youth 05 Boys Premier (in 2022).

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