FC Dallas Academy spring UPSL schedule

FC Dallas is once again placing an Academy side in the upcoming UPSL season. The interesting question is, what kind of team will this be?

A U19 team will be made of players graduating high school in approximately May. A U17 team might be a better option as they will become the next U19 team this fall.

Or perhaps the rumored – by which I mean some clubs have already told their parents it’s happening – switch to a U18 and U16 emphasis in the Academy comes into play and FCD fields a U18 team here (Which would basically be the current U17 team)?

It could be fun.

FCD’s Spring 2024 UPSL Schedule

All games, both “home” and “away” will be played at Dr Pink Stadium. All times are central.

April 16vs Foro SC6 pm
April 20at Tenfifteen FCNoon
May 18vs Dallas Deportivo FCNoon
May 23vs Sporting NTX6 pm
May 29at Texas Spurs5:30 pm
June 1at Racing Dallas FCNoon
June 2vs DFW Falcons3 pm
June 4vs Coppell FC5:30 pm
June 8at Villarreal North Texas3 pm
June 9at Foro SCNoon

It’s interesting that FCD is playing the best team, Foro SC, in the first and last games of the year.

You can see the gaps in the schedule for MLS Next events. The MLS Next Flex tourney is May 10-14 and the playoffs are June 15-23.

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