FC Dallas 25th Season Top 5 All-Time Players – Goalkeepers

There will be many 25th season stories and tributes throughout MLS this season, FC Dallas included. Since I did a bunch of history stuff two years ago for 3rd Degree’s 20th season covering the team, I thought I would come up with something new for the team’s 25th season. 

So this year to celebrate the 25th season of FC Dallas, I’m doing Top 5 Player Rankings by position.  To this purpose, I approached several people I know and respect who have been working around, writing about, or following the team for 25 years to give input.  They may come and go over the course of the season as schedules allow.  I will be giving them credit on each story to which they contribute. 

I’m not adding up their rankings in a straight math style but their input is taken into account in my rankings in a general consensus kind of way.

For this project, I’m starting in the back. 

Special thanks for participating in this first keeper list: Andy Swift (The KickAround, former club GM), Kevin Lindstrom (3rd Degree writer since 2000), Dustin “El Jefe” Christmann (FCD’s First Fan, founder of FCD’s first supporters group), and Chamo Jones (former 3rd Degree writer).

Top 5 FC Dallas Goalkeepers of All-Time

5. Dario Sala – 2005 to 2010

44 Dario Sala makes a diving save against LA Galaxy on May 8, 2008. (Rags Gardner, RII)

A key part of some strong teams between 2005 and 2007, Sala made it to the 2007 US Open Cup Final. Played as a self-professed “sweeper-keeper” with a penchant for coming out early and often. He also excelled at getting under the opposition’s skin. 2006 MLS All-Star.

The most colorful keeper in FC Dallas Burn history. The perfect hair that was always in place. All the time-wasting tricks. Scoring PKs. The Hunter Freeman punch. All of it.

Chamo Jones

4. Matt Jordan – 1998 to 2002

Embed from Getty Images

Jordan leads the franchise in most games played by a goalkeeper. Named a 1999 MLS All-Star while setting a new league shutout record that year.  Drafted 10th overall out of Clemson by the Burn in the 1998 College Draft (pre-SuperDraft). Made the playoffs each year in Dallas before leaving for Europe.

3. Jesse Gonzalez – 2013 to Current

Jesse Gonzalez, 2016. (Courtesy FC Dallas)

He may already be the best pure shot-stopper in club history.  He should become the team’s all-time leader in GK games played sometime during the 2020 season, barring injury.  Given how young he is, he could (and should) top this list by the time he’s done. Still learning and improving the mental side of the game.

Probably the best athlete of all the keepers.

Kevin Lindstrom

2. Mark Dodd – 1996 to 1999

Mark Dodd.

Dodd was towards the end of his career when MLS started. He’s the only keeper in franchise history to win MLS Goalkeeper of the Year and MLS Best XI (1996). His signature performance came in the 1997 US Open Cup Final where he stuffed DC United just a few days after his mom passed.  Also, the only FCD keeper to be named to two MLS All-Star games (1996, 1997).  A staggering 183 regular-season saves in 1997 and a total of 495 in (basically) 3 seasons.

1. Kevin Hartman – 2010 to 2012

Kevin Hartmann takes a goal kick against the San Jose Earthquakes, June 4, 2010. (Matt Visinsky, 3rd Degree)

The starting keeper for the club’s only trip to MLS cup, Hartman also led MLS in GAA that year (0.60). Holds the single-season franchise shutout record (2011 – 13 shutouts). One of three FC Dallas players to win MLS Player of the Month twice – August 2010, July 2011 – and the only keeper in club history to win that award at all.

One of the best in league history, even if he’s more remembered for his time in LA.

Dustin Christmann

Honorable Mentions

Chris Seitz – 2011 to 2017 – Starting keeper for the Double winning team in 2016.

Scott Garlick – 2005 – Named an MLS All-Star during his one season in Dallas.

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