FC Dallas 2022 Roster build checkup

As an exercise in roster building back this winter, I made a list of the 30-man FC Dallas roster and what I considered to be the positional needs of a club. Then in mid-February, I made this post showing the remaining holes in the build.

Now, at the close of the secondary window and with the addition of Sebastian Lletget, I thought it worth a final look for 2022. Low and behold, the holes are almost all fixed.

Let’s revisit the list to see how Coach Nico Estevez and TD Andre Zanotta did in filling the holes. This is not a judgment of the value of these players. That will come as we move into the offseason.

Roster Building

Signing means they needed someone in that spot. Their acquisition could be via any method, not just signing like a free agent.

30 roster slots available.

PositionWinter ListAdditions
9Jesus Ferreira
9Franco Jara
9Young Playerunfilled
WingJader Obrian
WingSzabolcs Schön
WingKalil ElMedkhar
WingSigningPaul Arriola (trade)
8Paxton Pomykal
8Brandon Servania
8DP SigningSebastian Lletget (trade)
8SigningTsiki Ntsabeleng (drafted)
6Facundo Quignón
6Edwin Cerrillo
LBRyan HollingsheadMarco Farfan (trade)
LBSigningIsiah Parker (drafted)
CBMatt Hedges
CBJose Martinez
CBNkosi Taffari
CBVet SigningJoshué Quiñónez (loan)
CBYoung SigningLucas Bartlett (drafted)
RBEma Twumasi
RBSigningNanu (loan)
GKJimmy Maurer
GKLoan?Maarten Peas (Loan then buy)
GKSigningAntonio Carrera (Homegrown)
ExtraBeni Redzic
ExtraEddie Munjoma
ExtraNicky Hernandezloaned out
ExtraAnother wingAlan Velasco (buy)
ExtraWhateverThomas Roberts (recall)

So, yeah. Almost there. Just one hole really. A young striker prospect.

The loan of Hernandez leaves an open spot but FCD likes to keep a hole to bring back loanees or make other smaller moves.

Not bad, even if it did take a while.


  1. It’ll be interesting to see how the striker position shapes up here as we move into the offseason. I have to assume that Jara will be gone, and if Ferreira lights up the back half of the year (and the World Cup for that matter), he could be too hot to keep as well. That may not be how things shake out, but could provide another offseason windfall.

    1. That’s my fear exactly…As much as I look forward to Jara departing (good guy, great mentor, just not enough bang for the buck), I fear Ferreira being the only one left and being really sought after. There’s a huge drop-off when he leaves the field and I don’t see his immediate successor on the team or at NTSC. Maybe a couple at NTSC are within a year, but it looks like a cliff to me with Ferreira. Obviously without Jara and assuming Ferreira leaves and brings in a nice fee, you have the slot and the money to get someone on the transfer market, but as Manchester United has found out, just because you have the money, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get what you want.

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