Dallas Cup Girls Invitational leaps forward with Dallas Texans International Girls Cup merger

Big news on the Girls’ side of elite club soccer in the United States today as the Dallas Cup has announced the merger of its Dallas Cup Girls Invitational with the Dallas Texans International Girls Cup under the Dallas Cup banner.

According to the Dallas Cup “this union marks a significant milestone in the realm of international girls’ tournaments, positioning the Dallas Cup Girls Invitational for unparalleled growth and inclusivity in elite youth soccer.”

The Dallas Cup says the decision to merge was reached through discussions between the leadership teams of both tournaments.

“Since its inception in 1980, Dallas Cup has been synonymous with elite competition, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement,” said John Sutter, President of the Dallas Cup Board of Directors. “With the integration of the Dallas Texans International Girls Cup, we are fulfilling a crucial initiative to provide young female athletes with the same platform for excellence that our boys’ teams have enjoyed for more than four decades. This merger represents a pivotal moment in our commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowering the next generation of female soccer stars.”

The Dallas Texans International Girls Cup started in 2012 and grew to more than 260 girls teams at the 2024 edition. The tournament has showcased elite teams from the United States and international competitors from England, Mexico, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Colombia, South Africa, Ukraine, Canada, and other parts of the globe.

“The Dallas Cup has long embraced the motto of ‘Welcome World,’ reflecting our dedication to fostering a truly global experience,” Sutter continued. “We are thrilled to merge with a tournament that shares our commitment to international excellence and cultural exchange. We aim to elevate the collective experience for players, coaches, and fans alike while celebrating the diversity of talent that defines our game.”

The Dallas Texans International Girls Cup leaders include Dallas Texans’ founder and Executive Director, Hassan Nazari, and Texans’ President, Paul Stewart,

“We started the Dallas Texans International Girls Cup because we wanted to give girls the same great international tournament experience that boys were getting through the Dallas Cup,” said Stewart.

“Our focus as a nonprofit youth development organization is always on how we can add to the soccer and life experience of our players. Since the Dallas Cup has decided to add a girls component, we believe that merging our efforts and moving forward under the outstanding leadership of the Dallas Cup will provide the best possible experience for the girls. The Texans’ deep respect for the Dallas Cup and our longstanding great relationship with John Sutter made the merger an easy process.”

The forthcoming 2025 edition of the tournament is scheduled from April 12 to April 20. Details regarding the format and locations of the new-look Dallas Cup Girls Invitational will be unveiled soon.

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