Dallas Cup – Day 6: Semis and Finals

There were multiple FC Dallas teams in Semi-Finals and Finals at the Dallas Cup today but as usual, I’ll start with the one I went to.

FC Dallas Academy U16s vs Solar U16s

Make no mistake, Solar SC is a good side being a fellow MLS Next club. This was a competitive game with contrasting styles between two local sides with some hard feelings.

I am, of course, more interested in the pathway to the pros stuff than I am in the actual result.

FC Dallas in a single-pivot 4-3-3 as usual.

FC Dallas Academy U16s vs Solar SC in the Dallas Cup Semi-Finals, April 7, 2023.
FC Dallas Academy U16s vs Solar SC in the Dallas Cup Semi-Finals, April 7, 2023.

FCD subs: 27 Kaka Scabin, 25 Witis Hughes, 8 Luccin, and 57 Montoya.

New player Ren Sylvester scored for FC Dallas. Solar’s #50 scored on a PK. Finished 1-1. Solar won the PKs 4-3 (6 rounds). Congrats to Solas and good luck in the Final.

Let’s hit on a couple of players I haven’t talked about yet.

#70 Ren Sylvester – Lanky, tallish wing or 9. Good pace so he can play over the top as well as wing, has a nose for goal, and can dribble a bit. He’s from Mid-Michigan Bucks and was first spotted playing against FC Dallas at some point. He’s taking part with FCD in the Dallas Cup and I believe the idea is he’s joining them full-time soon. Good addition.

#17 – Bryce Outman – the advance 8 or “free” 8s in this system. Let’s not kid ourselves, he’s tiny. But he doesn’t play tiny. The ball glues to his feet, he is active and recovers well. Progresses the ball on the dribble and passing. Quality player.

#57 Niko Montoya – Good size, well on his way to 6 feet plus I think. A big moment keeper with some guts. FCD subbed him on very late, for the PKs I imagine. I think he’s already gotten some first-team training time.

The most intriguing player for Solar for me, that one that made me want to see a lot more, was their #40 who subbed in the last 10 to 15 minutes. Incredible range and recovery pace. Terrific tackler with long legs. I would make him a 6 and let him destroy people and the game.


FCD Academy U12 North win the 2023 Dallas Cup 3-1 over SoCal Elite FC.

FC Dallas U12s win Dallas Cup 2023, April 7, 2023. (Courtesy Chandler Moreau)
FC Dallas U12s win Dallas Cup 2023, April 7, 2023. (Courtesy Chandler Moreau)

Solar ECNL 08 Girls won the 2023 Dallas Cup U15s 1-0 over ODP National Select 2008.

FC Dallas Youth ECNL 07 Girls won the 2023 Dallas Cup U16s (back-to-back Champions!) with a 2-1 result over ODP National Select 2007.

Solar SC U17 ECNL Girls smashed ODP National Select 2006 by a 7-1 scoreline, which is a staggering result given how good those ODP teams have been, to claim the 2023 Dallas Cup U17s

Solar SC ECNL 04 RL Girls took home the U19 2023 Dallas Cup title with a 4-0 win over Australian School Girls.

If you’re scoring at home, Solar SC took 3 of the 3 Girls’ Championships at this year’s Dallas Cup. Amazing club.

Other Dallas Cup Results

FCD Academy U13s win 4-1 over their cousins from FCDY ECNL Red 10 to advance to the Final tomorrow against Dallas Texans at 9 am in Toyota Stadium. #LocalDerby

FCD Academy U14s fell to Academia Atlas FC 2-1. Atlas will face Orlando City South U14 in the Final at 11 am tomorrow in Toyota Stadium.

As mentioned above, Solar U16s advance to the Final on Sunday where they will meet another ODP National Select 2007 team.

FCDY ECNL White 05/04 won again, knocking off Olympicos FC Academy 4-0 in the Quarters. White 05/04 is on to the Semis against DKSC 04/05 ECNL and another local grudge match tomorrow on MoneyGram 2 at noon.

FCDY ECNL Red 05/04 fell to LouCIty 2-0 and were eliminated in the Quarters.


  1. I am not sure the two teams have such a contrasting style (a lot of FCD players are ex-Solar players). It is just the way Solar knows they should play to increase their chances of winning this particular matchup.
    By my count this Solar team has won every game against FCD that’s been played in the last 2 years, so it is working…see you next week!
    Solar parent.

    1. Welcome, and thanks for reading. Since all we are about at 3rd Degree is the pathway to the pro game, we care a lot about Solar. They are a great club that produces a lot of talented players that end up at FC Dallas in the Academy, tagged by FC Dallas in the territory setup, or even playing for FC Dallas professionally. I’ll take your word for it about which club has won the last 2 years, I have no idea because we don’t care about Academy results. Just scouting for the pro game. It was a bummer to hear Solar is leaving MLS Next.

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