Dallas Cup – Day 4: Game 3s and Knockouts

Today was my “day off” from Dallas Cup as I went to FC Dallas training, watched the U17s in GA Cup, and recorded the Podcast (Drops Thursday).

Let’s hit the GA Cup First

Academy U17s in GA Cup

Having finished 2nd in their group, the Academy U17s got through as one of the top 2nd place teams and faced off with Strikers in the opening round of the knockout stage and came away with a 1-0 win via a goal by Jared Salazar.

Now the 17s advance to the Quarterfinals where they will face Atlas who upset the Seattle Sounders. That game is Tomorrow (Thursday) at 1:30 PM CT. TV is TBD at this point.

Dallas Cup

Knockout Round Results

FCDY 07G ECNL with the 5-0 win in the DC Semis over BVB. FCD advances to the U16 Final on Friday at 10 am Toyota Stadium against ODP National Select 2007.

FCDY RL 07 lost to the aforementioned ODP 2007 by a 2-1 scoreline in the Semis.

FCDY ECNL 08 lost to Socar ECNL 08 2-0 in the Semifinals.

FCDY RL 06 fell to ODP National Select 2006 in a tight 1-0 affair in the Semis.

FCDY U18/19 Composite lost to Solar ECNL RL 04 3 to 1 in the Semis-Finals.

FCDY Pre_ECNL 11 lost to Angeles Soccer Elite 3-1 in the Quarters.

Academy U12 knocked off Solar U12 in the DC Quarters. 12 North now faces Angeles Soccer Elite on Thursday at 4 pm on Toyota 17 in the Semi-Finals.

Final Group Game

Academy 19s won game 3 over Monterrety 3-0 but lost out on advancing by the tiebreaker and are eliminated.

ECNL Red 05/04 defeated ID Houston Legends 05 by 3 goals to nil. They won Bracket C and face LouCity Academy 05/04 on Friday at 1 pm on Monegrm 5 in the Quarters.

RL 05/04 fell 2-7 to El Paso Locomotive Elite 64 04/05. They finish 3rd in Bracket G and were eliminated.

North Blue 05 lost to Tuzos Academy 05 by an 0-2 result to finish 4th in Bracket F and were eliminated.

ECNL White 05/04 beat Solar 06/05 ECNL RL by a 4-0 line to win Bracket A. They play Friday in the Quarters against Olympicos FC Academy 05, 11 am on Moneygram 3.

ECNL White 06 lost to the Utah Avalance 06 Black 0 to 3. They finished 2nd in Bracket G and were eliminated.

ECNL Red 06 knocked off FC Prime ECNL 06 by a 7-1 score to win Bracket D. They face Tigres in the Quarters on Friday on Moneygram 7 at 11 am.

Academy 16s beat Nevada Rush 07 Select by a 1-0 score, undefeated in Bracket B with 17 goals for and 0 goals against. They face La Roca Waters ECNL at 5 pm on Thursday on Moneygram 7.

ECNL Red 07 lost 1-2 to La Roca Waters ECNL and were eliminated.

RL-NTX Red 07 won 4-1 over E2PRODIGY FSC 07 to win Bracket D. Their Quarterfinal is Thursday at 5 pm on Moneygram 6.

ECNL White 08 tied Sierra Surf 2008 0-0 and finished 3rd in Bracket F and were thus eliminated.

ECNL Red 08 tied 1-1 with Crossfire Premier 08 ECNL finished even with the same team on points atop Bracket A but last out on the tiebreaker and were eliminated.

Academy 14s beat Imperial SC 09 NLFC by a 4-0 line to win Bracket B. undefeated, 15 goals for, 1 goal against. Quafterfinal vs Eintracht Frankfurt at 3 pm Thursday on Moneygram 4.

ECNL Red 09 tied 2-2 with Lonestar 09 ECNL STH, finished last in Bracket G, and were eliminated.

Academy 13s tied RISE SC U13 2-2 but still won Bracket B. They face Crossfire Premier 2020 ECNL on Thursday at 3 pm on Moneygram 8.

ECNL Red 10 beat Fenomenos RGV 10 by 4 goals to 1 to win Bracket B. They face OK Energy FC 10 in the Quarters on Thursday at 3 pm on Moneygram 9.

ECNL White 10 lost to Weston FC U13 by a -1 score. They finished last in Bracket F and were eliminated.

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