Austin Bold sold to Neltex Sports Group, Taking 2022 Off to Relocate

Austin Bold FC will not be playing in Austin any longer, and won’t be playing next season anywhere else, as the team prepares to relocate following a partial sale to / investment in by Neltex Sports Group who own Texas United of USL-2. As previously reported and speculated on, the group led by Donnie Nelson intends to move the team, with Fort Worth/Keller currently the top priority.

The organization plans to take 2022 off to relocate, regroup, and begin to play at the yet-to-be-approved Fort Worth Star complex in Keller. Should the stadium plan be delayed or canceled, the Keller ISD Athletic Complex has been discussed as a potential interim home venue.

With the bulk of the USL Championship’s MLS-operated teams leaving for MLS Next Pro, USL-C will field just 27 teams for 2022 – the fewest since 2016.

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