3rd Degree the Podcast Episode 47 now available

Peter breaks the internet so Buzz and Dan talk over the first preseason scrimmages, how they view the draft picks’ prospects, what to expect from North Texas SC in 2020 as well as who should be going out on loan…Oh, and some good old fashioned kit nerding after the guys almost nailed their prediction of the new FC Dallas jersey.

Warning, after usually being way too loud, this time Buzz is way to low. Gotta find that sweet spot! (Without Peter we had to throw something together on the fly and need to get it better.)


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  1. Really enjoyed the comments about all the draft picks and how they are progressing. I could see Burgess turning into a fan favorite, especially if he keeps doing fun hair colors.

    On the topic of media coverage, is there now nobody going coverage for DMN? You had mentioned Jon Arnold isn’t anymore, which makes me extra thankful to have you guys on the scene. Keep up the great work!

    1. Jon Arnold no longer doing work for DMN. They are using Angel Franco who doubles up between Al Dia and DMN.

      And thanks for the nice comment. Glad you like what we do.

    1. There are some tweets that he is at PSV. Unknown for sure yet if it’s a training stint, or loan, or sale. Still working on details.
      FCD replied “no comment.” We discussed it some in this pod.

      1. Ah, I see. Only made it about 20 min into the podcast before I had to get back to work. I’ll have to finish it later. Would be a great opportunity if for him if true. PSV is the club where the great Brazilians Romario and Ronaldo Nazario started their respective careers. I’m also curious who will be playing the seconda punta and trequartista roles in the 352 for the senior side. I’m sure with all the secrecy surrounding that you probably can’t say. Thanks for what you’re doing btw. Doesn’t seem to be much in the way of media content for FC Dallas. At least not compared to some of the other MLS clubs and certainly not compared to the European clubs I keep up with. So yeah, thanks again!

        1. Thanks! the 3-5-2 is a work in progress and with some guys at USMNT camp it’s hard to say. But so far we’ve seen Paxton and Mosquera work as the “10” or trequartista spot. Barrios worked as the off-striker as did some of the other wingers.

          I don’t think you will see the 3-5-2 all that often. Just something Luchi wants to have available to use if needed.

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