3rd Degree the Podcast Episode 102 now available

Peter and Dan fill Buzz in on how Jesus Ferreira played for the U-23s earlier in the day while Buzz stops on the side of I-35 to get on his soapbox about the problem he sees in Luchi’s methods. The guys discuss covering a team behind a blackout and whether the FC Dallas supporters’ groups will ever get the safe standing they’ve been promised.

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Music by Pappy Check.

Jesus Ferreira
Jesus Ferreira celebrates his goal against Costa Rica in Olympic Qualifying 2021. (Courtesy Concacaf)

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  1. So, I’m largely on Luchi’s side of Buzz’s argument (about using players in different spots). Would love it if y’all could get Luchi on the podcast before the season to talk through that (and the conservative preference for experienced/salaried players) with Buzz since it seems like those are Buzz’s biggest criticisms with how he manages the team.

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