3rd Degree the Podcast #116 now available

What a brutal week it was for FC Dallas. Your 3rd Degree the Podcast host trio is here to tear it all down. Or really just bury it since it’s already pretty much torn down. There’s plenty of blame for this FC Dallas dumpster fire to go around and we sift through a lot of it. Poor games versus the Loons and LAFC, what’s gone wrong, Facu debut, Che debut, what can they team build on, Peter’s fan experience, and more.

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Music by Pappy Check.


  1. With Bressan getting his GC do you see the club signing a DP? Or are they going to wait and see what happens with Luchi this season? I don’t think he makes it to the end of the season. Especially if there’s a manager out there that Zanotta covets from his time in SA. That expedite the Hunts pulling the trigger on Luchi.

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