2022 FC Dallas player salaries released by MLSPA

The annual MLS Players Association salary dump is upon us. We’ve dug out the FC Dallas section and have a few notes.

We’ll start with the complete list sorted by base salary. Afterword, a few thoughts and notes.

2022 FC Dallas Player Salaries

PlayerBase SalaryGuaranteed Compensation
Franco Jara$2,540,000.00$3,227,000.00
Jesús Ferreira$1,300,000.00$1,499,000.00
Paul Arriola$1,100,000.00$1,130,000.00
Alan Velasco$1,100,000.00$1,305,000.00
Matt Hedges$900,000.00$900,000.00
Facundo Quignón$786,000.00$840,627.00
Paxton Pomykal$700,000.00$700,000.00
José Antonio Martinez$650,000.00$723,000.00
Brandon Servania$400,000.00$455,833.00
Jáder Obrian$382,500.00$467,100.00
Szabolcs Schön$350,000.00$391,800.00
Ema Twumasi$290,000.00$336,900.00
Jimmy Maurer$275,000.00$292,887.00
Marco Farfán$225,000.00$225,000.00
Nkosi Tafari$197,950.00$197,950.00
Joshué Quiñónez$180,000.00$227,833.00
Maarten Paes$150,000.00$187,500.00
Thomas Roberts$144,000.00$157,000.00
Dante Sealy$140,000.00$153,400.00
Edwin Cerrillo$115,000.00$130,000.00
Justin Che$100,000.00$109,209.00
Collin Smith$90,000.00$93,000.00
Lucas Bartlett$84,000.00$84,000.00
Eddie Munjoma$84,000.00$84,000.00
Dominick Hernandez$66,724.00$76,438.00
Beni Redžic$66,724.00$74,346.00
Antonio Carrera$65,500.00$85,019.00
Kalil ElMedkhar$65,500.00$65,500.00
Tsiki Ntsabeleng$65,500.00$65,500.00
Isaiah Parker$65,500.00$77,500.00

Thoughts and Observations

Franco Jara got about a $250k raise but salaries almost always go up over their length. You will see almost everyone getting a raise from year to year. It’s important to think of his salary as a sunk cost. If you just look at his contribution and ignore the salary he’s an important part of the team.

With the base DP number at $612,500, FC Dallas is buying down 6 players with $AM to get under the 3 DPs rule. Szabolcs Schön and Joshué Quiñónez are the U-22 initiative players.

Edwin Cerrillo is a steal at $115k base. He often outplays Facundo Quignon who is the 6th highest-paid player on the team.

Maarten Paes at $150k base is the lowest-paid player on the senior roster. Everyone below him is on the off-budget roster. That number makes me think his buy price will be very reasonable and FCD should pull the trigger immediately.

Nanu at $600k seems a pretty big miss since I’m not sure he’s better than Ema Twumasi $290k. Even if Nanu is better he’s not double and certainly is “DP salary” good.

Tsiki Ntsabeleng is also a terrific value. The $65k for a late 1st round pick if on point but he’s proven to be a real contributor.

Paxton Pomykal went up $100k from last year.

Jesus Ferreira on a $1.3 as an FC Dallas style DP. Great to see that first DP homegrown from the same club in action. He’s well worth every penny.

Justin Che, Dante Sealy, Nicky Hernandez, and Collin Smith remain on full-time loan although last I checked only one can come off the cap. Probably Sealy.

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