2021-2022 FC Dallas secondary jersey leaked

Update 2/3/2021: You will notice we never said this was a joke. With the latest podcast and powder blue Kick Off t-shirt at Soccer90.com, it seemed to time revisit this post. This is our mockup using the adidas template at that time (it has since changed). We took the leaks we were getting and Dan Crooke put this together. So our mockup is not going to be 100% accurate, obviously.

One of our best adidas kit sources reached out to us yesterday with this image of the new secondary FC Dallas jersey for 2021-2022. Late this afternoon we were able to independently confirm with an MLS source that the image we were sent is correct.

Leaked 2021-2022 adidas FC Dallas secondary jersey.

According to our source, Dan Hunt was impressed by the fan reaction to the return of the Texas Rangers powder blue uniform and decided to do something similar with FC Dallas.

Our source also says adidas is loosening the reliance on all-white kits in 2021 due to fan reaction to the boring slate of white secondary MLS kits of recent years.

The FC Dallas adidas kits run on two-year cycles, the current new primary hoop kit for 2020-2021 has only been worn twice with the stoppage in play due to the Covid-19 virus.


    1. And do y’all know the jersey number color? Red would be the best choice, imo, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

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