1999 Dallas Burn midseason game review

Ok, we should have won in Miami, but a tie would have been all right.  What a horrible shootout, Hopefully, it will be the last one we see.  Nice last-second goal by “Superstar” to pull out the Mutiny game.  MLS player of the week again???

Farrer was out due to red card, but Dade was back.  Two rookies in the lineup wow.  Here’s the 11 vs Tampa…

Kreis Washington (Rhine 59′)
 Pareja (Suarez 80′)
Broome Eck Alvarez Wilson (Haynes 74′)
 Pollard Dade

Broome was very solid on the left.  he should stay ahead of Suarez.  Again, Wilson showed some nice touch.  With more experience, he could really become something.  Both Broome and Wilson made some errors, but playing time will improve that.  Bobby Rhine was outstanding, high work rate with speed.  He will be a real asset off the bench.  If fact if he continues to develop he could mean Kreis’s return to midfield.

With Farrer back for Columbus, Zarco should be back in midfield, so Wilson takes a seat.  Hopefully, Broome stays in.
vs Columbus

 Washington Kreis
 Broome Deering Alvarez Zarco

Rumor says Deering’s out till the trip to San Jose in two weeks.  Watch out for the Pollard vs Stern John matchup. It could be the game turner…
Probable Village People lineup

 Brian McBride Stern John
 Jason Farrell Brian MaisonneuveTodd Yeagley Brian West
 Mike LapperMatt KmoskoThomas Dooley Michael Clark
Mark Dougherty

Trellez Singing
News came out Tuesday that the Burn are going to sign Trellez this weekend.  So he should be available either this weekend (he would be unlikely to play) or in two weeks versus San Jose.  As a hypothetical exercise, here’s  Trellez in a healthy Burn lineup. Of course, this assumes Trellez can get it done and isn’t another Mickey Trotman.  By the way, Trotman will be released to make room for Trellez.

 Washington Trellez
 Kreis Deering Alvarez Zarco

Since the defense is playing so well it’s not much of a stretch to say that they will all stay in there.  But, it’s possible that Dir won’t think that way.  He might instead, move Zarco to defense for either Pollard or Dade, depending on who we are playing, and put Kreis on the right and Santel on the left.

Of course, he could just leave it like it is and bench Washington for Trellez.

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