1998 letters to the editor

We’ll print almost anything that isn’t offensive.
If you don’t want us to print your name and email address let us know and we’ll take it out.

Here it is, the first letter to the editor in our short history.


I like the fanzine, a lot.  I liked the layout, simplicity, writing, the whole thing.  Nice work.  You have some errors in spelling, some are typos, others are names that are not quite right.  I know it’s a fanzine, but Alvarez has
two A’s in it, and there are two of them on the Burn.

After Cruz Azul, I don’t know what the line up is going to look like.  Your prediction is interesting.  I too want to see Flores start, but I think Temoc played very well in Cup Winners Cup.

On MLS, I think if you compare MLS Game 1, the League Inaugural Game, to First Kick 98, the difference is remarkable, and not just because of field size. The quality of play is, to use a scientific term, an order of magnitude

Good thing the Burn cut Stebbins.


Ok, so I’m not a great speller.  I agree about Stebbins he looked pretty useless to me.  I couldn’t help but think that their real striker (who got hurt in pregame) could have put a few away and caused DC real problems (We did predict that Miami would not finish last in the East, check out our 1998 predictions).  As for the lineup, it’s all guesswork at this point, especially with Dodd out.  Will Dir panic and go with a veteran defensive lineup or the risky offensive one used in the preseason?  -ED.

Letter #2

Very nice – your Dallas Burn fan site. I enjoyed reading your essays. I could do without the animated gifs, though.

G R Hail

Thanks.  Ok, we’ll lose most of the animated gif’s.  All right, that was a pretty gratuitous letter but we only have two so they both get in.  -ED.

Letter #3

I couldn’t agree more on your article on the camera work of MLS broadcast.  However I find that Sportschannel and Sunshine Network do a pretty good job, i.e.,  N.Y. METROSTARS VS. MIAMI FUSION earlier this year. Any way I believe it will get better. Nice web site.


Thanks.  The camera work has been better on ABC, but local games are still very poor.  I didn’t see the game to which you refer, but some local coverage has been good.  -ED

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