What would an all-Homegrown FC Dallas XI look like?

ohan Gomez celebrates his goal for North Texas SC against Orlando City B, May 11, 2019.(Hack Wallace / North Texas SC)

The question was asked on 3rd Degree the podcast this week, “How long before we see an all Homegrown FC Dallas starting XI?” And I answered, “Three seasons,” for a very specific reason.

That reason? So far, the FC Dallas’ Academy hasn’t produced enough pro-level center backs. Chris Richards, who only played one season with FCD, is a potential world-class player in the making but he was sold to Bayern Munich.

The closest players the FCD Academy has produced to two MLS level center backs are 19-year-old Brecc Evans, currently North Texas SC’s captain, and the two U17 center backs – who move to the U19s next month – 17-year-old Nico Carrera and 15-year-old Justin Che.  Both look like they might have pro potential.

So that’s why the answer is “three seasons.” That’s long enough for Carrera and Evans – or someone else, nothing is a given – to potentially make it to MLS and be up to starting a game.

FC Dallas’ hypothetical, future, all-Homegrown XI

Following the question, I thought it might be fun to think about what an all-Homegrown starting XI actually look like for FC Dallas.

Now don’t forget, FC Dallas is a selling club. So for the sake of the discussion, I’ll even say FCD has sold Paxton PomykalReggie CannonRicardo Pepi, and Thomas Roberts by 2022, a.k.a three seasons from now.

Keep in mind too that in three seasons Matt Hedges will be 32 and Michael Barrios 31. So potentially still around and up for starting. Possibly others as well. Bressan perhaps? We’ll assume Hedges and Barrios – or anyone else – get days off or whatever to make this all-Homegrown thing happen.

So, three years down the line, in the 2022 season, an all Homegrown XI. Sticking with 4-3-3 just for the sake of a formation.



Jesus Ferreira will still be around and starting. I’m making him the left wing in this one.

Johan Gomez, who I want to sign with North Texas SC this winter after his freshman year at Portland, will have progressed to MLS and will be the #9 after Pepi is sold. A pure, in the box, goal poacher; all he does is score goals. 52 over the last two seasons in the Academy.

FC Dallas Homegrown signing Dante Sealy is on loan to North Texas SC for 2019.
FC Dallas Homegrown signing Dante Sealy is on loan to North Texas SC for 2019. (North Texas SC)

Dante Sealy will be 19 year’s old and Barrios’ understudy at right wing.  An athletic winger who loves to take defenders on.


A single pivot, three-man midfield will have future team captain Edwin Cerrillo as it’s base.

Brandon Servania, coming off an MLS Best XI season in 2021, is one of the 8s.

Tanner Tessmann, who signs a Homegrown deal prior to the 2020 season, is the other.  A two-way mid I’ve personally watched play as a 6, 8, 7/11, and 9.  He’s 6’2″ and skilled. More offensive than Servania.


Jonathan Gomez, another player who signs a Homegrown deal prior to 2020, starts at left back at the age of… 18.  The modern end to end outside back with attacking skills.

Nico Carrera is your starting left center back having played for the US in the 2021 U20 World Cup.  Very physical with immense range. Needs the wisdom of a few years play before he’ll be MLS ready.

Brecc Evans is your starting right center back, filling in for Matt Hedges on a day off.  Not being as athletic, he suffered by comparison next to Chris Richards in the Academy. A natural leader, as demonstrated by being NTXSC’s captain at 19.

Brecc Evans
Brecc Evans, North Texas SC Captain, plays against Forward Madison.

And Bryan Reynolds is in his third season as the starting right back after Cannon was sold during the winter prior to the 2020 MLS season.


Jesse Gonzalez is still the man and will be starting.

And if not him, Carols Avilez should be Gonzalez’ primary backup by then and could take his place.  Not the pure shot-stopper Gonzalez is but is a pro-level keeper.

FC Dallas’ hypothetical, future, all-Homegrown XI

So here you go…

a purely hypothetical, and perhaps farcical, FC Dallas all-Homegrown starting XI that could happen in 2022.
a purely hypothetical, and perhaps farcical, FC Dallas all-Homegrown starting XI that could happen in 2022. (3rd Degree / Buzz Carrick)

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