Two more positive Covid-19 tests for FC Dallas

As was first reported by The Athletic, 3rd Degree sources have told us of two more positive Covid-19 test results in the FC Dallas camp. This time it’s one new player and one coach.

Update (July 10): Paul Tenorio with the Athletic is reporting the player was a false positive and is now negative. I have been unable to confirm this.

The totals in Orlando are now up to 11 players and 2 coaches testing positive.

Still no official word on when FCD will return home but it likely won’t be before July 15th we understand.

Today on his radio show, Coach Luchi Gonzalez said some players have been cleared and returned to the wing of the hotel where most of the team is located. The players who are positive remain in a separate wing.

Timeline of FC Dallas Positive Cases

June 3 – One player tests positive, the 2nd case in MLS. (Reported by MLS)
June 18-19 – Two more cases while still in Frisco (we reported on June 24). A 4th suspected case turns out to be some other “old school” illness.
June 20-26 – One of the two players who tested positive on June18/19 is cleared to return to training. The other did not travel to Florida.
June 27 – FCD travels to and arrives in Orlando.
June 28 – FCD holds its first training session and has two positive tests.
June 29 – FCD has one more positive test. (We reported the three new cases in Orlando on June 29.)
June 30 – FCD has three more positive tests. (We reported the morning of July 1.)
July 1 – FCD has four more positive tests: three players and one staffer. (Reported the evening of July 1)
July 2 – FCD has zero positive tests.
July 3 – FCD has one positive test. (We reported July 3rd.)
July 4 – no new positive cases
July 5 – no new positive cases
July 6 – FCD drops out of the Tournament.
July 7-9 – FCD has two new positive results: 1 coach and 1 player. (Reporting in this post.)

Edwin Cerrillo leaves COVID-19 testing (Courtesy MLS and FC Dallas)

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