Top Ten Names for an Oklahoma MLS expansion team

Top Ten Names for an Oklahoma MLS expansion team
1Oklahoma WindBecause everyone knows it blows in Oklahoma.
2Tulsa RoughnecksRednecks wouldn’t really work.
3Oklahoma GrapesOf Wrath? They can wear purple and play in the “Dust Bowl”
4Edmond OilersThere is no “Oilers” in the US anymore.
5Tulsa RelativesAren’t they all related?
6Oklahoma CityCity.  plain and simple.
7Oklahoma Eskimo JoesWhy not have it named after the biggest tourist attraction in Oklahoma?
8Oklahoma OakiesTo bad they’re not going to play in Muskogee
9Tulsa Two-SteppersLike the Samba only southern.
10Oklahoma GoYoung hip pop culture name… OK Go (it’s a band for those of you who live in a tree)

Reader Suggestions

R. Gordon GriffithTulsa Ice, Tulsa Freeze, Tulsa Blizzard, Tulsa FrostIt’s time for some cold thinking, Something to oppose Dallas Burn and Chicago Fire
Burnfan 4lifeTulsa Tornadoes

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