Top 10 – things that make the Burn a class organization

Top Ten things that make the Burn a class organization…
1Front Office StaffThese people work hard with a smile on their face.  They love the game and it shows.
2Richard FarrerGreat captain, has led the Burn with humility and hard work.  Came out to see Fans after Lindstrom wedding.
3Oscar ParejaClassy individual becoming a real team leader.
4Cotton Bowl surfaceBest playing surface in the league.
5Andy SwiftClassy organization gets cue from head man.
6Coachesa great staff open to fans and media alike, under Dir and Jeffries both.
7PerformanceOne of two teams to make every playoff says something about continuous quality of the entire organization.
8PlayersThese guys have always conducted themselves with class on the field and off.
( drums & horns)
Game Atmosphere is everything.
10Practices open to publicTry to get the access a fan can get a cowboys practice and you will get arrested.

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