Top 10 –  Overseas US players 3rd Dgree would like to see in a Burn uniform

Top Ten Overseas US Players 3rd Dgree would like to see in a Burn Uniform.
1Joe-Max MooreHustles, scores, plays everywhere, strong leadership, and in the prime of career.
2Claudio ReynaAn American #10.    Priceless…
5John O’BrienStill only 23 (or so) and getting better every game.
3Tony SannehHeck, the burn need a right wing anyway.
4Jovan KirovskiOutstanding talent, if a bit of a spoiled brat.
6Mia HammEye Chiwawa… OK, so she’s not overseas.  But we don’t care
7Kasey KellerBest player in US history.
8Landon DonavanUS most prized youngster at this point.
9Greg BerhalterBig strong defender can play free or man mark.
10Joe EnochsD-Mid plays in Germany. Unbelievable work rate and skill.

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