Top 10 – names for the new Burn stadium in Frisco

Top Ten Names for the new Burn Stadium in Frisco.
1Main Street GroundsAmerican tradition for a new place.
2The 9th GateThe Entrance to Hell, you know the place where bad people Burn.
3Collin County Yardsnot bad.
4Haight-AshburyI was gonna put Frisco Bowl, but that made me think of the 60’s
5The SmokehouseTexas flavor.
6The CauldronThe place is going to be bowl shaped.
7Frisco Municipal FieldSimple, but simple is good.
8The KilnThe Brickyard has been taken.
9Aloe Vera StadiumIsn’t that what you put on a Burn?
10Lamar Hunt ParkHe did make it happen, this is a better name if he were to sell the team to another investor.


Dan VeshiaForrest Wallace Memorial StadiumAt least what I would name it if I was building it.  Named for the man who started soccer in Richardson and basically in N. Texas. As I was told when I was a kid at least.
Alan BalthropThe CrucibleWhat you use to Burn out impurity.

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