Top 10 – names for MLS teams if we were in charge

Top Ten Names for MLS teams if we were in charge.
1Mile High Football ClubI didn’t make it up, but still a great name, I would want to join this one too.  I could live with Colorado Rapid if I have to, just drop the ‘S’  off the end.
2New York MetroDrop that stars crap.  Just go with Metro.
3Boston IrishKraft would never go for the Boston thing, but I just don’t like New England as a name, it’s not even a state.   Would have to go green of course.
4Los Angeles GringosEmbrace your Ugly Americanism. Plus it matches the new jerseys.
5Dallas DiablosSee MLS Redesign project. Love the team, but Burn is a silly name.  Works in two languages and with current colors.
6Philadelphia AthleticWhat the heck, they are on the final list. A great name with local history and classic international themes.  They get to be MLS’s first Orange team.
7Columbus 1492We need a number name in MLS.  And yes, you can do that in the US.  Ever heard of the 76’ers? 49’ers?
8Kansas CityJust City.  That’s it.  Classic name.
9Oklahoma WindSeriously. why not? Roughnecks, Tornado, and Sooners have been done.  I wonder what the over/under is on Oklahoma Wrath?
10San Jose QuakesEarth is just to unwieldy.  Quakes is not to bad.

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