Top 10 – MLS rumors

Top Ten Rumors
1Gazza to MiamiGazza on South Beach, now that I would pay to see.
2George Weah to MetroHis family lives in NY.
3Goose to DallasHome town boy went to SJ and was not happy about it.
4Hyndman to coach BurnDid he or didn’t he turn it down?
5Kreis to train with IpswichActually, he could use the experience.
6Matthaus to coach MetroYeah right.  That Butthead?
7Pat Onstad to BurnWho? A Canadian GK apparently.
8Joe-Max Moore to Miamiyeah like MLS could afford the $2.5 million transfer fee.
9Graziani to LA for HernandezNot even for $3 million.  
10MLS to contract to 10 TeamsOK bad rumor, but it was fun watching Miami and San Jose fans freak.

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