Top 10 – coaching candidates for the Burn job.

Welcome to 3rd Degree’s Top Ten lists.

Top Ten Coaching Candidates for Burn Job.
1Colin ClarkeHe has the job now.  Win and it’s his.
2Dominic KinnearScuttlebutt has him being a significant part of Yallop’s success with Earthquakes.
3Schellas HyndmanOnce offered Burn job, local connection, consistent winner.  Has he had great talent and not won? Or has he gotten ok talent and overachieved?  Few of his players have done much at the MLS level.  Clarke Hunt is one of his former captains.
4Mo JohnstonMuch respected around MLS, currently studying under Bradley.
5Ray ReidBuilt a powerhouse program at both Southern Connecticut and now at UConn.
6Buzz LagosCool name. Consistent performer with Minnesota in A-League with very limited budget.
7Ed PuskarichFiery Type A guy.  Get-in-your-face kinda coach.  You want motivation? You got it. Has a Burn connection.
8Leonel AlvarezChances went down after Andy Swift resigned.
9John EllingerConsistent success at U-17 level.  Can handle immature kids, which makes him perfect for the Burn.
10Steve SampsonUS meltdown in 98 aside, he is a heck of a coach and good talent evaluator.  Currently busy trying to qualify Costa Rica for World Cup ’06. Being bilingual a bonus in this market.

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