The 2020 adidas Kit Options and How They Could Effect FC Dallas

At 3rd Degree, we’re just a bunch of kit nerds so naturally now that MLS Cup is over it’s time to start talking about the new 2020 FC Dallas kits!

With Euro 2020 and Copa America on the horizon – and the oh so endearing way the Champions League means that teams have to have multiple training kits to make even more money – we’re starting to get a glimpse of what adidas are offering next year. If you scroll down far enough, we’ll even see how those may look for FC Dallas.

The brand with the three stripes will introduce two new jersey templates this year as they constantly bring in new versions under the same names. The Condivo 18, which North Texas SC wore this year and became notorious for the absurd number of teams that used it, is replaced by the Condivo 20. This is going to be the primary style used in 2020, with the Regista 20 template as the alternate.

There is a far plainer third style, which takes elements of both jerseys but lacks some of the design in the cut of the fabric compared to the two templates. Since MLS is adidas North America’s baby, I wouldn’t envisage seeing that used too much.

Condivo 20 is set to be used by the likes of Spain, Argentina, Colombia, and Sweden. Its distinctive feature is a wide V-neck and a shoulder panel that goes as far down as the bottom of the collar. The default pattern is a camo-like brushstroke on the front and back that we can see on the Colombia jersey below.

Regista 20 will be used by Germany and Japan among others. The design features both round and V-neck collars, but the feature that sticks out is the back. The main design is contrasted with a plain back panel that features a unique cut to the back of the neck. The stripes that run down the side are no longer armpit to hem, they’ve been shortened to match the new look shorts – Now there’s an authentic and replica set of shorts for national teams because $$$.

Anyway, here’s Japan’s new eyesore of a jersey!

So let’s take a way-too-early-to-predict look at how FC Dallas could look next season. You can right click and open any image in new tab to check out the full 4000 x 5500px image.

  • Condivo20-preview
  • Regista20-preview

Both are following the basics. I just wanted to demonstrate that rather than predicting anything, so all-red for now. The standard pattern for Condivo 20 that we saw earlier, and a brush stroke hoop for the Regista 20.

Germany‘s new jersey uses a brushstroke pinstripe in black on white. Scotland has a two-tone hoop in that similar brushstroke style. It’s going to be adidas’ 2020 feature assuming MLS follows suit.

Goalkeepers are getting a more toned-down look from 2019’s bright camo design. Goalkeeper kits will be a single color with a brushstroke effect panel running up the sides of the jersey and under the sleeves. The colors include purple/green, coral/black, gray/turquoise, and green/black.

In the training wear, like the kits themselves, adidas is making budget cuts to the length of the stripes. Most of adidas’ bigger European teams are already utilizing the 2020 designs as part of their slightly greedy approach to training sets where teams get two ‘international’ sets as well as their everyday training wear.

We know FC Dallas will likely just get the red/blue pregame and gray/black training kits. Since that’s next-level kit nerding, that’s in a slideshow so you don’t have to scroll past too much if you’re not interested. We won’t even take offense!

  • keeper-3
  • image-4
  • image-3
  • image-2
  • product
  • zoom
  • meh5597_s
  • inter-miami-2020-track-jacket-4


  1. I can live with either of the examples you mocked up. Would prefer a throw back to the hoops for our 25 year. Also, I wish the training kits were something other than black/gray – every year.

  2. That Condivo 20 style isn’t too shabby. I actually think the Japan kits look pretty awesome, but they are certainly “out there”.

    I wonder if FCD, and other MLS clubs, will continue to trick up their training kits as a way to bring in additional merchandise revenue without straying from their boring Adidas kits. Last year, there were the Pride, Troops (Camo), 4th of July and Kick Childhood Cancer training kits, that I can recall. Perhaps they’ll try to get to a point where there are even more frequent one-offs like that? Maybe a season opener, maybe a Decision Day, a Derby Day, etc.

    1. I’d imagine they’d stay with social issues/events since there was a charitable element to them. The frequency probably depends on what Seattle, Portland, and Atlanta fans bought since it’s a league-wide initiative. They could add in a breast cancer tie-in for October and hit the last couple of weeks of the season.

      I hope they do throwbacks since it’s the 25th year but SKC already had two and the other big teams either didn’t exist or had plain jerseys in USL Pro.

      1. Think we’d ever get a Dallas Tornado throwback? I know they’re not technically part of the FCD lifeline, but there’s the Hunt connection and the team owns the logo. That would be amazing.

  3. Meh, but the generizing of unis in US sports is wide spread so I would expect crap anyway. Based on the kits One might have thought Seattle was playing FCD again. 😣

  4. Not a FCD fan but I’ll add my insight for whomever wants to read what I know and what to kind of expect for 2020 jerseys.
    The jerseys for mls are going to be mostly Condiva 20 templates. Hearing from my inside sources, most mls kits will have 3 adidas stripes go from the top of the shoulder by the collar and end at the seam line around the collarbone area (once images start being leaked you’ll understand what I’m gettin at)
    One I have seen is NYRB from one of my sources who loves RB they have an all black with red adidas logo, lines, RB logo and main logo. Simple… but sleek
    Jerseys should be expected to be released starting next week or the following week
    With the earlier season start… expect all jersey releases to be done around VDay for profiting on jerseys before the season

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