Ten FC Dallas U15s selected for regional ID camp

Just like the U14s, US Soccer is running a U15 ID camp in Dallas on March 16th for kids from North Texas and Oklahoma.

Again, with the small area of selection, there are a large number of local kids. Aside from the ten FCD U15s, I count 2 from DKSC, 6 from Dallas Texans, and 5 from Solar SC.

The camp is also being run by Garrett Biller (US Soccer Talent ID Manager), Kevin Hudson (YNT Network Scout), and Ben Stoddard (YNT Network Scout).

I’ll tell you anything I know about the 11 FCD kids. Listed in alphabetical order.

Ten FC Dallas U15s on YNT ID Camp Roster

Jeyden Arboleda – Attacking mid and the most consistent performer in this side for me. He improves them every time he comes on. A recent US U15 camp invitee.

Mikey Cortellessa – Talented and versatile player. I’ve seen him play about 4 or 5 different positions. A recent US U15 camp invitee.

Marlon Lucin – Peter’s son. A linking mid.

Cayne Madhlangove – Right back and my favorite player in this group. He’s got some grit and tenacity I love.

Juan Mancia – Slashing winger with good ball skill recruited from Dallas Rebels after they won Dallas Cup.

Jonathan Martinez – Goalkeeper. A recent US U15 camp invitee.

Brice Miller – A forward, wing, or 8. I like him a lot better as a wing where he can run at people.

Myles Nicholes – A large physical specimen and long-term project but needs lots of work on the tactical/ mental side of the game.

Bryce Outman – A tiny winger but a legit baller. A mercurial talent who can explode. A recent US U15 camps invitee as well.

Blake Wheeler – FCD’s other U15 keeper. I don’t know much about him.

Non-FCD Players of Note

I do know a little about a couple of these guys.

Caleb Swann – Phenomenal player, best player in the game against FCD. This kid is legit. Plays as an attacking mid but I think his long-term projection is as an 8.

Blake Bayless – Former FCD center back who left to join Dallas Texans.

Tobias Crear – Dallas Texans forward that I’ve had recommended to me but I have not seen play.

US YNT Dallas ID Center Roster

Roister for 2007s US U15 ID Camp in Dallas on March 16th.

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