Six local sides to take part in new Roja League this summer

The semi-pro and amateur soccer scene here in the MetroPlex has been robust for some time. That strength is being shown off again as six local semi-pro and amateur sides are putting together a summer soccer schedule – called The Roja League – between some of the best teams in North Texas.

The six participating teams are Denton Diablos, Denton Diablos Estudiantes, Fort Worth Vaqueros, Inocentes FC, NTX Rayados, and Irving FC.

To be clear there are real games between real soccer teams.

Each team will play eight games. Fans will be allowed in games with safety protocols and tickets are already on sale.

In consultation with U.S. soccer officials, insurance carriers, and following authorized sports activities defined by the Texas Governor, The Roja League’s first priority is to provide a safe environment for team sports and fan attendance. Details about fan safety will be available at the gate.

The Roja League

The Roja league is kicking off with a triple-header of action this Friday, July 3, at Martin Field at Texas Wesleyan – the Vaqueros former home stadium – at 599 Collard St., Fort Worth, TX 76105. Gates open at 3 p.m.

To enjoy all three games, the admission is $10 for adults, $5 for college students and youth, and free to children 5 years and younger.

Irving FC vs NTX Rayados at 4 p.m.
Denton Diablos vs Inocentes FC at 6 p.m.
Diablos Estudiantes vs Fort Worth Vaqueros at 8 p.m.

The Six Participating Teams

Denton Diablos – This local NSPL side played their inaugural season in 2019 with a roster comprised of mostly college players, many with local connections. Going forward – driven by their US Open Cup qualification – this team is changing to a semi-pro roster with non-college eligible players similar to the Vaqueros last season.

Denton Diablos Estudiantes – A new team created by Diablos that will be made up of college eligible players – probably mostly local – as the primary Diablos team was last year.

Fort Worth Vaqueros – Founded in 2014, they are the oldest NSPL side in town. Vaqueros won their first Lone Star Conference Championship in 2019.

Inocentes FC – The best amateur adult side in Fort Worth, Inocentes plays in the UPSL and has made multiple deep playoff runs. They have existed as a club in Fort Worth for almost four decades.

NTX Rayados – The powerhouse Dallas based amateur NTPSA side that often features former pros, Richland College players, and ex-FCD Academy players. They’ve qualified for the US Open Cup for 9 straight seasons.

Irving FC – Los Gallos is another local UPSL side. They are the 2020 Longhorn Tournament Champions.

The six participating teams in the 2020 Roja League.

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