Ricardo Pepi official transferred to FC Augsburg

It’s certainly not a surprise at this point, but the transfer of El Tren, Ricardo Pepi, to FC Augsburg has officially happened. The reported $20 million-plus addons plus a 10% sell-on clause is the largest in club history.

An opportunity like this is something I have worked my entire life to accomplish. This is truly a dream realized. I understand that I have to keep pushing, training and growing. I am grateful to the FC Dallas organization for helping me achieve this goal. I will always have a special place in my heart for FC Dallas and our amazing fans. Thank you for supporting me. I will continue to make you proud.

Ricardo Pepi

The Hunt’s have always insisted the money for transfer is kept in the club. While most fans will hope this means buying new players, to a large extent it usually means covering infrastructure, operating costs, and other business expenses.

This time the club technical department is making noises like this time there might be some player action.

The Coach.

While it’s a challenge to lose a player like Pepi, who was one of the most talented players in the league in 2021, it also creates an opportunity for us to reinvest the proceeds from this transfer on players who can make an immediate impact on the field and help us compete at a high level.

FC Dallas Head Coach Nico Estévez. 

The TD.

This transfer fee allows us to be aggressive in both this transfer window as well as the summer’s. We’re committed to building a championship roster and recognize we have several positions to fill. This move helps us do that.

Andre Zanotta

As for a plan moving forward, we have some ideas.

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