NTX Rayados wins the Battle for the Metroplex to advance in US Open Cup Qualifying

Local amateur juggernaut NTX Rayados continued their run for their record 9th straight US Open Qualification this weekend by knocking off Fort Worth’s best amateur side, Inocentes FC, in the 2nd Round of amateur qualification for the 2020 US Open Cup by a lopsided 7-0 scoreline.

Rayados, who currently sit in 2nd place in the NTPSA Division 1 table, knocked off FC Fort Worth 4-1 in the opening round of qualifying play to advance to face Inocentes who had knocked off fellow UPSL side Lone Star Republic 2-1.

The 3rd Round draw took place at the USSF on today and NTX Rayados are set to face Celtic Cowboys Premier out of Austin for the Texas bragging rights to best amateur side in the state. The location, date, and time of the 3rd Round game should be announced tomorrow.

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