North Texas SC 2020 roster evaluations

With the North Texas SC season over, it’s time once against to evaluate the roster. This is something we do each off-season, here’s last year’s. (“Each season” as in the one previous season, lol)

If Coach Eric Quill hasn’t already started this process he will soon.

I expanded the evaluations this time to include every player who made an appearance for North Texas Soccer Club in 2020 including FC Dallas and Academy kids.

Within each section, the names are listed alphabetically.

FC Dallas Players

Nkosi BurgessCB23Solid showing, the upside is visible. Better passer than I thought but needs more than 6 games at NTX. How much time he spends with NTX in 2021 will depend on what happens with FCD’s roster but I would like to see 20+ games.
Edwin CerrilloDM20Still needs loads of PT somewhere. I would like to see him control the USL-1 level more, dictate pace and rhythm. So I wouldn’t mind more NTX games for him in 2021.
Justin CheCB16Fantastic progression, now do it again. I think he should play the entire season with NTX in 2021 while training with FCD.
Eddie MunjomaBack, Wing22Really showed something in his 5 games and should move into full-time Bryan Reynolds back up mode. Maybe 10 games in 2021 with NTX when there’s no FCD conflict, but that’s about it. About 5 FCD starts to give Reynolds a little break.
Ricardo PepiF17He only came down to get some minutes and fitness. That should be the only reason to see him with NTXSC going forward.
Thomas RobertsAM19Better and better as the season went along, the final was a transcendent performance.

NTXSC Player with a Shot at FC Dallas

Carlos AvilezG21He got the FCD shot and it didn’t work out. But credit to him for rebounding, winning back the #1 job, and improving. He’s still just 21 and has a long career ahead and his next shot will come in a few seasons.  He may yet be of some use to us. 
Nickey HernadnezCMFCD did an end-around on the MLS SuperDraft by signing this kid out of SMU. What a player, I think he has a real shot to make the FCD roster this winter. FCD is deep in 8s though so he may have another season of NTX in his future.
Arturo RodriguezLWHe’s maxed out his game at this level. Even though I think he’s a long shot, I hope they give him a chance at FCD this winter and I hope he makes it. If he doesn’t, he needs a loan/sale to a team that would fit his skill set. He’s beyond USL-1.

Loan or Sale

Ronaldo DamusFTwo seasons at NTX and he hasn’t shown me he has what it takes for MLS. Touch is still too rough and he’s one dimensional. A loan or sale is in order.
Brecc EvansCBCaptain and team leader. But unfortunately, I don’t think he has what it takes for MLS. He needs a chance at a USL-C team to build a pro career at that level. The North Texas center back playing time needs to stay with Burgess and Che near year.

Keep – So Far Not MLS Ready

AlissonDM20Solid, gritty d-mid but a bit limited in mobility. 20 years old. Someone has to play when Cerrillo isn’t around. Can emergency center back too. Keep him.
Imanol AlmaguerBack, CM20Lost much of 2021 to injury. Still a good player to have around as a linking mid or outside back. But he’s been surpassed in both those positions.
Kevin BonillaBack19A future pro-caliber right back in my mind but not close to Munjoma at this time. I would give him an NTX contract right this second if he wanted one as it’s better than college soccer. But he has work to do on his game in the bigger picture.
Alex BruceF21What a warrior, playing hurt for much of 2020. Projects to USL-C for me. He can come back to NTX if he wants to.  I wouldn’t mind seeing him healthy for an entire season.
Diego HernandezCM15An FCD U17 midfielder, I think you will see more of him in 2021.  Played just 1 minute in 2020. The first ’05 to get NTX action.
Gibran RayoWing, AM19A solid NTX contributor but not a full-time starter yet.  Until he at least does that MLS is out of reach. But keep him for sure.
Beni RedzicWing18Played better for NTX than he has in the Academy. This is his final year as a U19, he’ll probably spend the first half of 2021 as an amateur with NTX. Unless something changes, I would give him an NTX contract next summer but not an MLS Homegrown contract.
David RodriguezAM, CM18A bench player for NTX at this point and still plays for the U19s quite a bit. Probably lacks the athleticism for MLS.
Colin SmithF, Wing16A really fast, direct player. But I don’t see MLS potential right now, I see Damus 2.0. Can he progress? Of course, he’s still just 16. I would welcome his return to play for NTX next year.
Derek WaldeckLB, DM22The most improved NTX player. I don’t project him to MLS but he can come back if he wants. The next Academy left back I’m interested in seeing at this level, Nolan Norris, could possibly get some looks in 2021. 

Gonna Have to Earn It

Grady EastonCB18Started the season as a fill-in center back.  His next step is probably college soccer.  Might be involved with NTX in 2021 as a back up through the summer. 
Philip PonderCB23Made 6 appearances for a total of 46 minutes.  If he wants to return to spring training and compete I would welcome that because he’s a great off-field presence. But I would understand if he’s ready to move on.
Luis ZamudioG22Wasn’t bad, wasn’t great.  If Antonio Carrera is deemed ready for NTX in 2021, which he might be, Zamudio may struggle to find a roster spot.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Juan Manuel AlvarezCM, D24So much promise in the spring and then so many injuries. At 24, the window was small to begin with and it’s probably closed.  Nicky Hernandez may have sealed Alvarez’s fate.
Pedro AlvesRB21When I saw him this spring I was surprised NTX bothered to sign him. They did want to add a few bodies this year. He ended up playing 3 games for 55 minutes total and that was more than I expected.

The Departed

Two players asked for and were granted contract terminations mid-season.

Lamar BatistaLB, CB22
Oscar RomeroAM, Wing24

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